3 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Day

3 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Day from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all love our dogs. They bring us all so much joy with their wagging tail and their unwavering love for their owners. The least we can do is do our best to make sure they are happy as well. Different dogs have different preferences. Lots of people have so many questions about husky puppies, for instance, and what makes them happy because they are so cute. 

You can click here to see full answer if you are interested in learning more. People often use husky puppies as a benchmark for high energy dogs. This is because husky puppies have a higher energy temperament than most dogs so if you understand what the most high-maintenance dogs do and meet that. You will probably have an easier time with your dog if it is a more relaxed breed.

Plenty of Exercise

Dogs love to exercise so much. Nothing makes a dog happier than a big open area to run around in and explore. You could take your dog to the park, dogs love to go to a big green area and socialize with other dogs. Many prefer a space where they do not need a collar on so make sure it is away from any roads so they cannot run into roads and hurt themselves. 

Going for a hike would be a great option too. It will be an exciting adventure for your dog and the hike will provide a nice change of scenery. Great for you and your dog’s mental health providing some much-needed mental stimulation for your dog. Do keep in mind that if you do not already go hiking with your dog, they might not be ready for the physical demands of one. Start with shorter hikes so your dog can be conditioned to climb with you.

Play Some Mental Games with Your Dog

Mental stimulation is important for a dog as well. You can mentally stimulate your dog in a variety of different ways. Many dogs enjoy learning new tricks. It can keep their mind fresh and ready for anything. If you have already taught your dog the basic tricks like sit, stay, and lay down that does not mean it ends there. There are so many tricks left to learn for your dog. Your dog could learn how to bow, crawl, clean up their toys. All sorts of more complicated tricks that put them through a mental workout. 

Keeping their natural skills like their nose well-tuned can be good for a dog’s mental health as well. Many people enjoy playing a game of hiding the treats with their dogs. They like to chop up their favorite dogs treats and hide them around the home and garden. Dogs are natural hunters, so they really enjoy these kinds of games. Your dog will be so excited when it discovers the treats you have hidden.

Keep Things Fresh

While dogs love routine, a bit a variety goes a long way as well. If your dog has had the same toys for a while, it might be a good idea to divide up the toys and hide most of them so your dog can focus on enjoying a select few. Then when your dog gets bored with those toys switch them out for the ones you put aside. This will keep toys fresh for your dogs, making them less inclined to boredom. 

If possible, try to keep your dog’s schedule varied in some areas. By this we mean have a slot for exercise as often as usual but change the type of exercise. Maybe one day run around in a field and another a calm walk followed by a fun game of tug of war. This will work out your dog’s different muscle groups, contributing to a happy, healthy dog.

To conclude, we all love our dogs so much. To show this love there are a range of things we can do to keep their life varied and fun. Taking the steps needed to keep your dog from boredom and frustration due to boredom will make your dog very happy. Maintaining your dog’s health will help keep your dog happy. Keeping their body and mind sharp will positively contribute to their ability to be your happy companion.

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