3 Tips To Help Your Kids Prepare for Moving Day

3 Tips To Help Your Kids Prepare for Moving Day

Moving can be a stressful time for everyone in the family. And if you have kids, you may be worried about how they’ll handle moving day. Consider a few of these tips to prepare your kids for moving day and put their minds at ease.

Keep It Hands-On

A move can cause a child to feel out of control and overwhelmed, but having them help you plan and prepare for moving day gives them a sense of control over their items and can reduce negative feelings. Allow your kiddos to be as hands-on as possible with the process. For example, you might ask them to help you decide which of their items you need to pack, donate, or throw away.

Allow Them To Decorate

With a new home comes new bedrooms for your kids. They may look forward to moving day a little more if they have the opportunity to decorate their new rooms to their liking. Sit down with them and create mood boards for their new spaces. These can include color schemes, new bedding, and some new decor items. Depending on your budget, you could also repurpose a few items you already own. Giving furniture you already own a new life may add some vibrancy to your children’s new rooms. At the end of the day, make sure their vision is helping them look forward to the move.

Give Them a Tour

If possible, provide your children with a tour of the new home before moving day. Moving into a space they haven’t seen before can be shocking to young ones. Change can be hard, but touring the new home before moving day can help your kids process the move and feel less stressed about the change.

As you tour the home, speak positively about the move and share some fun things you can do in your new community. Open the door for your kids to express their emotions about it all. Letting your kids feel heard will mean a lot to them.

Consider incorporating these three tips into your moving process so that your kids can prepare for moving day. Allowing your kids to tour the new space, dream of new decorations for their rooms, and help you pack will give them a sense of control and peace. A move can be hard all around, but remember to stay patient and remind yourself that this chaotic season will be over soon.

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