How Parents Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss

How Parents Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer’s long, sunny days make it easy for our little ones to push the upcoming school year from their mind in favor of planning their next outdoor or online adventure. However, as a mom who values education, I know the importance of preventing summer learning loss and keeping kids ready for the year ahead. Keep reading to learn my hands-on advice for how parents can prevent summer learning loss.

Keep Up With Summer Reading

Reading is a great way to keep kids occupied over the summer and prepare them for academic success. On hot summer days, a trip to the library is a great way to get out of the sun and into some AC. Many libraries also offer summer reading programs, which reward kids for reading books throughout the season. You can also use reading to bond as a family. Read a story aloud each night or pick a book to read for a family book club. Don’t just stick with the required summer reading books your child’s school assigns. Picking trendy summer kids’ books or books that focus on one of your child’s interests will help foster an excitement for reading.

Make Screen Time Educational

As much as we may try to limit screen time, as moms, we all know how hard it is to keep our kids completely screen-free! Luckily, screen time can help you prevent summer learning loss. Encourage your kids to work on their math skills by playing math games on the computer or other devices. Your child won’t even realize they are using what they learned in school to play the games they love!

Keep a Summer Journal

Every summer is full of new adventures and memories. Keeping a summer journal helps your little one practice their writing skills and leaves your family with a collection of memories from the summer that you can look back on. You can even work on the summer journal as a family, reflecting on your vacations and day trips together.

Though summer may feel like it will last forever, the days will fly by. Now that you know how parents can prevent summer learning loss, you can keep your kids ready for the upcoming school year while enjoying summer. Have a great summer, and stay cool!

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