Tips for Telling Children About Moving

One of the most stressful experiences an adult can go through is a move. This stress is heightened in children for various reasons, including a lack of understanding about the situation. There are a variety of techniques that parents can attempt that will help mitigate the anxiety kids may feel from a relocation. Here are five helpful tips for telling children about moving to help them prepare.

Early Disclosure

Telling your children early in the moving process is one of the best ways to help your children cope with this new information. It’s important to tell your kids that they are among the first to know about the decision, as this will help reassure them that you value and appreciate their feelings and opinions.

Explain With Clear Reasoning

When telling your children about the upcoming move, have a list of age-appropriate reasons to give your children. Simple answers like “because I said” will only breed resentment. Remember that this is a life-changing event for your entire family, and information can help soothe doubts.

Stay Positive

Kids of any age often have difficulty processing big news like a move, so try to find ways to show how your children will benefit from this change. Tell them about the good things that will come from moving and give them concrete, realistic examples of ways their new home will be an improvement. Use positive language to explain the entire moving process, including getting rid of junk you don’t want and packing everything else for the move.

Open the Floor for Discussions…

Understandably, children will have many questions about your decision to move. Be open and give honest answers to their questions and admit if you don’t know the answer to something. Allow your children to express their feelings and try to empathize with them. Allow and encourage input from all ages, even younger children, to answer their specific questions and address their concerns.

…But the Decision Is Final

One of the most important tips for telling children about moving is to make it clear that your decision is final. Be careful while having these discussions to avoid giving your children the impression that you are open to changing your mind. Make it clear that the decision to move is not open for debate and that you will be standing firm on your decision. Expressing doubt or uncertainty can cause your children to worry and may even give them false hope of convincing you to stay.

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