3 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

3 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean With Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Y’all, my kids like to make a mess wherever they go. For a while, my house was a complete disaster. I was embarrassed to have guests over because toys laid strewn about everywhere. Luckily, I figured things out by the time my oldest was two years old. Now, my kids still have fun at my house, but every room is spotless. Find out how your home can look impeccable, yet still remain kid-friendly, by following these three tips for keeping your house clean with kids.

Get Organized 

One of the most vital tips for keeping your house clean with kids is to get organized. The more unorganized you are, the more anxious you’ll feel. Make sure to organize every room in your house. Start in the kitchen; label all your spices, so they’re easy to find when you need them. Also, hang your pots and pans from the ceiling so that your little ones can’t reach into one of the cabinets and play with them. Get your bedrooms in order too. There are tons of simple ways you can improve your bedroom’s organization. You can rearrange your furniture, organize your drawers and closets, and restructure your bed. Finally, make sure you have plenty of storage areas in every living space in your home. 

Limit the Amount of Toys 

My kids have way too many toys. Their grandparents have finally realized how serious I am about buying them so many things. The reality is, they don’t need that much stuff. A tip for keeping your house clean with kids is to limit the number of toys they have. The more toys they have, the messier your home will become. Only allow your children to play with a certain number of toys at a time as well. I promise you, it minimizes clutter, and your kids won’t even care about not having more to play with. 

Get the Kids Involved 

I had a eureka moment about a year ago. Every time I would try to clean my house, my kids would immediately demand my attention. Then, it dawned on me. Maybe my kids wouldn’t care about me cleaning if they were a part of the process, so I started to get them involved. I began by assigning them simple household chores, such as making their bed every day. For my younger children, I allowed them to hold the dustpan as I swept or help me wipe the mirrors in the bathroom. I’ve found that since my kids participate in cleaning, they’re much more mindful about making a mess. After all, now that they’re the ones cleaning, they realize how messy they can be. They also don’t want to be the one cleaning it up.

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