17 Professional Cleaning Tips You Probably Don’t Know

17 Professional Cleaning Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Do you ever wonder how cleaning companies, like this Phoenix house cleaning company, for example, render their cleaning services with a touch of excellence? They always have a good system in place. In this article, you will learn about 17 helpful, professional cleaning tips to make your home or your clients’ homes sparkle.

Get the Right Tools in Place

Just like a worker can go to work without tools, you cannot also start cleaning your house without the right tools. You will need a top-rated canister vacuum, scrub brush, sponges, plastic scrapper, microfiber mop, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can find many websites like onlycanistervacuum to get information on the most trendy vacuum products. Finally, get them and keep them in place before you start cleaning. This is what the professionals do.

Endeavor to tidy a room before cleaning it

If you are like most people, your home may probably be cluttered. This can make cleaning boring for you. The first thing you should do is to clear up the house and arrange them, keeping everything in its rightful position. If you want the cleaning process to be easy and less stressful, then you have to arrange the house before you start cleaning.

It can be a daunting task, especially if it is in disarray. To make the job easier and more efficient, it is important to take some time to tidy up the room before you start cleaning. This can involve putting away any clutter, organizing items on shelves, and arranging furniture in an orderly fashion.

There are companies that provide a professional Atlanta maid service (and in other areas), that will help you get your room organized and ready for cleaning. Their experienced staff will come to your home and help you sort through your belongings so that everything has its place, making it easier for them to clean the room thoroughly. In addition, they will also provide tips on how to keep your space tidy in the future so that you don’t have to worry about deep cleaning again soon!!

Dust the room first

Before you vacuum the house, make sure you dust it first. The essence is to ensure that any dust you couldn’t clean up will be vacuumed. For wall units, ensure you lift it up and dust it all around: above, beneath, and sideways.

Start from a Point and get down with it

If your room is big, you can be overwhelmed with the area you might need to clean. So to make it easier, you should start from one and clean the room in circles till you get to the center. With this technique, you can be focused on one part at a time till you complete the entire house.

Keep your Cleaning tools handy

Having the right tools is not enough; you should keep them handy. This will save you from running around the house to get one tool or the other while cleaning. This is what professionals do that makes them different from you.

Scrubbing Your Showerhead

With time, there will be a build-up of residue on your showerhead. Professionals use a secret to clean this with ease. They tie a cloth soaked in vinegar around the shower head and leave it until the next day before rinsing it. This gives the showerhead a crystal-clean look. You can also try it out.

Removing Grease

Handle, light switches, and other things that are commonly touched will usually have a buildup of grease on it. Using magic erasers will clean them efficiently and effortlessly like magic.

Cleaning your Fridge Coils

I admit that cleaning your refrigerator can be a heck of work. To get this done with ease, you should remove the kick plate of the refrigerator and vacuum the hair and fur around the coils. This will enable your refrigerator to run more efficiently and save you more money on the bills you spend on energy.

Washing the Windows

Depending on the size of the glass, there are different techniques you can apply to get your windows cleaned up. A squeegee with a handle attached to it will work best for larger windows and mirrors, while a balled-up newspaper will work for smaller mirrors and windows. Both are gentle on the glass and won’t scratch it while cleaning it efficiently.

Eliminating Pet Odors

You will not escape the irritating odor of pets if you have them around your home. Removing it is very easy: spray white vinegar on the area and then cover it with baking soda. This will deodorize the area. If there is excess soda after the process, just sweep it off and vacuum.

Cleaning Vacuum Grout Tiles

The usual thing is to start scrubbing immediately if you want to clean your tiles. To make the cleaning of tiles easy, you should first sweep or vacuum them so that all debris and loose dirt will go off. After then, you can start scrubbing it using a good cleaning solution.

Cleaning Hard to Reach Areas with a Yardstick

You may have trouble dusting high-up or hard-to-reach areas. The solution is simple: grab a yardstick, tie a sock onto the end of the yardstick and secure it with a rubber band. With it, you can reach also reach behind headboards and under furniture.

Cleaning Cobwebs

Cobwebs are usually found in the ceiling, walls, and corners of the house. Get a clean lightly dampened cloth; tie it around the working end of your dust mop and use it to clear the cobwebs

Cleaning Electronics

In the modern world, every house has a big list of electronics that needs to be cleaned regularly to keep them usable for the long term. First, always check the owner’s manual for instructions regarding the care and cleaning of your electronic equipment. Take note of what the owner’s manual recommends for cleaning your electronics.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom regularly is much easier and less time-consuming in the long run.  This will prevent the build-up of mildew and soap scum. However, where there is a build-up of mildew and soap scums already, use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas around soap holders, taps and drains.

Cleaning Picture Frames

To clean a picture, wipe the top of the frame first, then move down the sides and across the bottom. Always spray glass cleaner on your cloth, never directly on the glass. This is to prevent seepage that could damage the picture.

Cleaning the Kitchen

As you cook, there is every tendency that there will be splatters of food on the microwave. You can remove this quickly using steam from boiling water. Simply put a cup of water in a microwave and let it boil to the steaming point. The steam will loosen any splatter of food on the microwave, allowing you to wipe it off easily.

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