3 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

3 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Having a home full of children can be a wonderful thing.  The environment is light and cheerful and there’s no shortage of a family atmosphere.  Along with the joy and creativity that kids bring to the table, however, is a mess.

Even though kids don’t necessarily mean any harm, they can’t seem to help but spread a mess after them wherever they navigate to in the house.  As they navigate from one project or activity to the next, a new mess starts as the last one ends.  Before you know it your house can go from spotless to trashed in less than a few minutes.

Struggling for ways to keep things clean with kids in the house?  Here are some of the best tips for you.

Accept That It Can’t Be Clean All The Time

The first step is acceptance.  Even though you may love your uniquely created space, living with kids means things aren’t going to be clean all of the time.  It’s important to accept and understand that your house isn’t always going to look like an interior design catalog.

Once you accept that sometimes it’s going to be sprinkled with toys here and there, then you may start to feel less frustrated when you see things interrupting your zen space.

Keep Baskets Everywhere

Kids don’t have the same desire for organization as adults do.  They’re too busy having fun and living in the moment.  Asking them to carefully organize their toys each time that they pull them out and then order them to put them away again isn’t always realistic.

It can be incredibly helpful to keep baskets all over your house so that you can simply throw loose items into them.  You can have these little toy baskets in just about every room.  It’s a quick easy way to clear the area, and also give them permission to be kids since they’ll have access to their toys and be able to hang out with you as well.

Give Them Their Own Space

Even though kids should be encouraged to play not only in their own room, the majority of their belongings should be kept in their own space.  In this space, they are free to be themselves and can decorate as they want.

Giving them their own space will make them feel less inclined to make a mess in the other parts of the house where you’d rather they would not. You’ll find that they’re much more excited about being able to have their own rules and decoration in their very own room.

You’ll find that not only will they be less frustrated, but so will you!  Everyone wins!


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  1. I will keep this in mind! Thanks for the tips! My kids also has their own space but they keep on putting all the toys with them when they go to sleep. haha! Can you give me some advice on how to give them a prep talk regarding this? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing these awesome tips. Trying to let my kids learn more about household chores but a little fun and learning twist as well. Anyways, awesome post!

  3. Ever since my kids came,It has been a struggle. Toys everywhere and when I put them back at night the next day we are back to square one.I have learnt not to be so hard on myself and them too…I resonate with you 100%

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