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Buying a Second Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

There are many people who can’t even afford to buy one home. They have to rent for pretty much their entire life, either because they’re stuck in low-paying jobs or because the market is so ridiculous that they’ve been priced out of real estate entirely (San Francisco is a place where that’s happening with more and more frequency). So being able to buy one home is a pretty big deal in today’s day and age. If you get into a situation where you can buy a second home, then you’re really doing well for yourself and your family. But once you’ve made that choice, you need to decide where you’ll be buying that second home.

Head for the sunshine

Think about the places where you’ve had some really great experiences. Where have you made memories that will last a lifetime? Where have you felt most comfortable and at ease? If you’ve had some great experiences with St. George Island vacation rentals, it makes sense to want a home in the panhandle of Florida. If your best vacation ever was at a ranch in New Mexico, then maybe it’s time to start checking out real estate listings in Santa Fe. You can also try to buy a home in a place you’ve never really visited, but that’s a lot riskier. Sure, you’ll probably spend a fair amount of time in the area looking at real estate, but that’s a vastly different experience than truly living there.

It’s common for people who live in a colder, densely populated place like New York to seek out second homes in warmer climates with less crowding. For one, you can escape to warmer weather in the dead of winter. You can also make it a summer retreat of sorts because summer is nice in a lot of places, a New Jersey summer just isn’t going to be as luxurious as a summer spent lounging on the pristine beaches of Florida. You want your second home to be a place that you can really enjoy getting away too, even if you have to do some work while you’re there. If you’re going to telecommute in to work, you might as well do it from a poolside chaise lounge.

Whether you decide to buy a home overlooking Mobile Bay or a home overlooking a nearby city skyline, make sure you find a qualified real estate agent. Look for someone who knows the area incredibly well. That may be someone who grew up in the area and never left, or it may be someone who moved there a decade ago and promptly fell in love with all it has to offer. If your real estate agent isn’t passionate about the place, then why should you be?

Some people seek out homes in places with no state income tax. Florida is especially popular among rich athletes and actors for that very reason. If you’re wealthy enough to buy a second home, taxes shouldn’t be that big of a consideration, but it might be a deal sweetener if you’re trying to decide between two similar places. Work with your overseas mortgage expert like the ones you will find at to figure out a solution that makes sense. Make sure you’re getting a home you love, though. That’s true regardless of if it’s your first or fifth home purchase.

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