What’s in the Attic? A Guide to Attic Maintenance

What’s in the Attic? A Guide to Attic Maintenance

When y’all think of the attic, what do you think of? For most people, the attic is nothing but an extra space to shove unlabeled boxes, seasonal decorations, and all those old belongings you swear you’ll sell one day. However, the attic serves as much more than an extra storage space. When properly cared for, the attic helps with temperature regulation, insulation, and ventilation in your home. That’s why we need to make attic care a regular part of home maintenance. Never again fear the question, “What’s in the attic?” My guide to attic maintenance will help you address insulation, leaks, pests, and more.

Know the Signs of Pests

Attics are usually quieter than the rest of the house, making them a particularly inviting space for bugs, rodents, and other pests. Taking care of the insulation and patching up holes will go a long way in preventing these intruders, but y’all should also know the telltale signs of uninvited guests. Scratching noises, nighttime activity, odd smells, or nests made of leaves, sticks, or paper are indicators that someone has taken up residence in your attic. Check your attic regularly for these and other signs, and always call the professionals if you need help with pest removal.

Inspect Your Insulation

Now that winter’s just around the corner, y’all need to make sure your home is ready for the colder temperatures. High-quality insulation is an important part of keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient no matter what the weather brings. Attic insulation plays a key role in regulating your home’s temperature, so it’s important to know how long your attic insulation will last. Inspect your insulation—or better yet, hire a professional to do it—to make sure everything is in good shape for the coming season.

Vents Are Good, Leaks Are Bad

One of the most important things to remember from this guide to attic maintenance is that a ventilated attic is a healthy attic. I know, I know—I was just talking about insulation, and now I’m contradicting myself. The truth is that you need both insulation and ventilation to keep your attic in good shape. Don’t confuse drafts with proper ventilation, though. Vents give you control over your attic space with an attic fan and a weatherproof design. Leaks and cracks, on the other hand, are a surefire way to bring pests, moisture problems, and other issues into your attic.

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