3 Home Improvements for Boosting Your Living Space

home improvements

As populations continue to rise within major cities, surplus space is becoming an increasing commodity. When there’s so much demand in the housing market and not enough supply, however, what can you do to get that added room? In this article, we’re going to take you through 3 cost-effective home improvements for giving you the extra living space you need.

Garage conversions

 If you own a property with a garage, the likelihood is that you’re not using it to store your car. So, if it’s being utilized as a means of storing old boxes and leftover beer from your Christmas party, why not put it to better use?

1) Create a home office

Instead of heading down the route of costly property extensions and sacrificing your back garden space, a garage conversion will turn that dark, damp space into whatever you see fit.

One of the most popular uses of a garage conversion is a home office. By creating a space that’s dedicated to your work away from home, you’ll be able to separate it from your personal life. In addition to the convenience of not having to head into the city every day, this will also work wonders for compartmentalizing any career-related stress.

2) Give your kids a playroom

If you’re tired of treading on stray lego bricks dotted around your sitting room, it might be time to give your kids a dedicated area to play in. With a garage conversion, you can do just that.

Speak with your local construction company to discuss how you can add in useful items such as shelving racks for storage and floor padding to keep the area as safe as possible.

Loft conversions

Loft conversions are also an excellent way of creating a bit of extra room in your home. Here are some of their key benefits:

1) Reducing your energy bill

It’s not something that most people consider initially, but by adding a loft conversion to your home, you’ll be able to improve your overall insulation.

Instead of your heating going straight out of the roof, you’ll be able to keep it in. In the winter months, the reduced energy bills will be a welcome surprise.

2) Boosting your property price

Think about it – by converting your unused loft space, you’re adding extra rooms to your home. Regardless of whether you use them for guest accommodation or more organized storage areas, your property’s usable space is still growing.

When the time comes to move on to bigger and better things, the increment to your property’s value will be a great little return on your investment.

Add decking in your garden

Don’t just think about your property’s interior – what’s outside can count too. Here’s how decking can benefit your home.

1) Create an all-terrain surface

We all know that great British weather is notoriously hard to rely on. You can wake up to a sunny morning, but by the time you’ve arranged the afternoon barbecue, it’s gray overhead and your grass is absolutely drenched.

By adding decking into your garden, however, you don’t have to let the weather rain on your parade. Close to your back doors, you’ll have space where you can throw on a coat and keep the food cooking without having to worry about getting your feet wet.

2) Keep your garden going all year round

By decking a portion of your back garden, you’ll reduce the need for continuous maintenance. When a gale is blowing outside, this will be a welcome change.
In the summer months, you’ll also be able to add in potted plants. If you’re feeling daring, maybe even consider a miniature Mediterranean garden in the corner with a range ofherbs and spices against a trellis.

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