How to Cheaply Turn Your Garage Into Another Room

How to Cheaply Turn Your Garage Into Another Room by North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A garage conversion can change your home in a significant way. Apart from the additional living space, you will enjoy, the project will result in increased storage space and boost the value of your home. There is no limit to what you can use your garage conversion for. After the conversion, you can use the space as a utility room, extra living room, kitchen-diner extension, home office, home cinema, home gym, among many other things. However, since the project can prove to be quite costly, here are a few tips to help you achieve the conversion cheaply.

Dream big

If you have limited financial resources but would still want to make the most of your garage space, it would be important to dream big. With the many ways of converting your garage to match your vision, you will have to list your priorities with regards to what you want to convert the small space to. Whether you want to turn it into a playroom, granny annex or a place to watch TV, dreaming big will help you to achieve your objectives.

Plan ahead of time

Just like when executing any other project, you will have to plan ahead of time if you are to convert your garage cheaply. During the planning process, you should identify what your mission is, choose the most appropriate theme for the space, estimate the duration of the project, select the layout that will make for a functional room and secure the necessary permits. Planning in good time will allow you to make changes during the design stage, a factor that will help you avoid costly adjustments once work begins.

Create a budget for the project

One of the first steps in converting a garage cheaply is to create a budget for the project. While coming up with a budget, you will have an opportunity to prioritize different features and activities in terms of importance. While your budget is meant to help you avoid cost overruns, you should ensure that it is flexible enough to accommodate any unforeseen expenses that may arise in the course of the project.

Focus on the basics

When you have financial constraints, you will have to focus on the important aspects of the project. Some of the basic but important things you should focus on include upgrading the roof, replacing the door and installing new windows in compliance with fire safety regulations. With these essentials, you will be in a position to enhance the appearance of the space without breaking the bank.

Seek professional help

Although you can borrow conversion ideas from magazines, the internet and friends, you should still consider seeking professional help. A professional interior designer or architect will offer expert advice on the best design style, paint color and flooring options to explore. An experienced building contractor will also suggest sources of quality materials at affordable prices and also deliver quality work that eliminates the need for frequent repairs.

Choose quality materials

The importance of choosing and buying quality materials for any construction project cannot be denied. The same applies when you are looking to convert your garage into another room. Although you may be tempted to save money when buying the necessary materials, such a move is likely to cost you more in the long run. Quality materials will not only promise durability but will also be easy to maintain and offer the attractive finish you need to make your space look stylish and modern. As much as you will be looking to save money, you should never compromise on quality.

Be creative with lighting and decorations

Regardless of how you want to use the garage after converting it, you will want the room to be aesthetically appealing. Some of the inexpensive steps you can take to achieve this include being creative when it comes to lighting and decorations. It would be important to allow natural light to flood the room, add unique decorations and use flowers to bring nature into the space.

Regardless of the use to which you decide to put your garage, it is important to ensure that the space is both comfortable and functional. Insulating the room, installing electrical and plumbing systems as well as opening ventilation will go a long way in helping you create the desired vibe.

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  1. Your blog post makes sense to me, since I am planing to convert into something my garage in future.I will take note your advice.Thank you for sharing this ideas.

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