5 Ways to Own a More Attractive Home

5 Ways to Own a More Attractive Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Many homeowners are on the hunt–not for a new home, but for ways to make their current home more attractive. If you wish your current dwelling looked nicer, newer, and more expensive than it is, look no further than this article. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tricks. There are easy ways to make your home look great without spending much money or doing an extensive remodel. Without further ado, here are our top five favorite ways to own a more attractive home. 

Install New Windows

Old windows can make your house looked outdated. Old design and a warped frame can “sag” your home’s face, making the exterior of your home look less attractive. To boost the beauty of your home on the inside and the outside, consider installing attractive new windows. Plus, new windows can actually save you money every month, so not only will they improve the beauty of your home, they’ll make your energy bill easier to manage, too.

Add Some Paint

Painting your walls can add fresh color and a newer look to your home. Outdated colors can be replaced by “in” shades, and the right color choices can completely alter the lighting in your home. Darker wall colors allow you to control a room’s artificial lighting, while pale colors make the most of sunshine. Even ugly kitchen cabinets or floors can be painted, making a home upgrade as cheap as a can of paint.

Groom Your Lawn

Often ignored, your lawn can improve the aesthetic of your home. A barren yard is a poor backdrop for your home, so trade in that grass-only mindset for plants and trees. Plant trees have some landscaping installed and hire professionals in Fairview, OR, or Bolingbrook, IL to trim your trees and bushes. Keep your yard looking beautifully groomed. If you have time to garden, you can transform your yard into a beautiful, practical place and make the most of your space of nature.

Add More Storage

Ugliness might not be your home’s biggest problem–mess might be. If you have a hard time keeping clutter at bay, you can increase your home’s attractiveness by getting more organized. Install more shelves, buy more storage bins, and throw out what you no longer need. Make the most of upward space. Getting organized will cut down on your mess. You may not realize how beautiful your home really is under that mess. Once it’s gone, you could feel ten times better about the home you own.

Add Texture

If you’re stuck with drab walls and plain doors, you can improve your home’s attractiveness by adding texture. Some wooden trim can be added to your walls, or even split into frames and attached to your doors and cupboards–creating an appealing, vintage look. You can also install faux bricks to your existing walls. Each one of these texture projects is inexpensive, easy, and can alter the look of your home. Check out these before and after pictures to see what we mean.

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