Creating a Minimalist Bedroom with Bed Sheet Sets, Space and Furniture

minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Bedrooms are very soothing, calm, articulate and obviously spacious. Minimalist designs and rooms are not everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain types of people who dare to go for a minimalist bedroom. Culturally, we are dictated to have a certain kind of bedroom. In western society, the bedroom is expected to have a bed, wardrobe, dresser, side tables and mirror. That’s a lot of furniture in a single bedroom, especially with the modern architecture changing; the need to switch to minimalism is not only a pretty wise choice but necessary too.

First of all, let us establish what we mean by minimalist bedroom. A room with nothing in it is not called minimalist. In fact, such rooms are driven by the need or factors that are absolutely necessary for a room by an individual. Generally, the bedrooms are built for sleeping but minimalist bedrooms are created for activities. So you must know the purpose of your room in order to shape it minimalistic.

For instance, if you are a freelancer who spends a good number of hours working in his or her room then creating a workstation inside the room is very important. Now it should not be heavy or full of clutter but a nice, cool, and soothing space to work freely and creatively. Fortunately, a minimalist bedroom is an ideal option for such workplace-cum-bedroom situations.

Following are a few elements that can help in shaping a minimalist bedroom;

Monochromatic themes – Bed Sheet Sets, Wall Paint, Curtains

The color palette that you use in the room will decide a lot of things for you. Don’t go for too many colors; in fact, stick to neutrals in combination with pops of bright colors. The bed should be covered with monochromatic bed sheet sets. The designs of bed sheet sets shouldn’t be ethnic, flowery or too clustered. Simple and classy bed sheet sets from IZZZ are essential for a minimalist bedroom. For price comparisons of bed sheet sets, you can consider BeddingSquare. You can find a good collection of bed sheet sets here.


The modern furniture is sleek and stylish. It already comes in great shape. However, you can go a notch up by going for foldable furniture that can go into a wall once its purpose is done. There are folding beds; you just get them out during the night and once you wake up just fold that into the wall and enjoy the space. Same goes for the bookshelf or your workstation. Although you must keep in mind, such furniture is expensive than the normal one.


Minimalism is all about creating as much space possible in your room. You can create space by keeping fewer things in the room, but there are other ways too, so check out more here. The arrangement of furniture can make a room look spacious or not. In case, you don’t know the rule, try different settings before picking the final arrangement. Also, lighting is a very important tool in creating the illusion of space in the room. So make use of natural light as well as artificial lighting wisely.

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  1. Gorgeous and awesome tips! I think that monochromatic makes you more relaxed because of the simplicity! It’s not too overwhelming for your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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