Yummy Drinks are a “Breeze” with this milk

Recently I was given the opportunity to sample Almond Breeze’s New Almond milk Coconut milk blend. All I can say is I feel so blessed that I was given the chance. When I sent the milk I was also sent coupons for a giveaway which I will be posting soon, two cartons of shelf stable milk, two wonderful recipe booklets, and a beautiful blue beach towel. This was just perfect because we need some new beach towels. I know you are probably asking yourself what is shelf stable milk. Isn’t milk supposed to be refrigerated? Shelf stable milk is milk that goes through a different process that will allow it to have a longer shelf life until opened. Once opened it reacts just like regular milk.

I love the taste of it. Looking through the recipe book, I decided to treat my girls to a mocktail. I decided to make the Coconut Cooler Cocktail. The recipe says that it makes two servings, but it made more.

Here is the recipe:

Coconut Cooler Cocktail

Courtesy of: Blue Diamond Growers

Yield: 2 Servings 2 cups (16 oz.) Vanilla Almond Breeze® Almondmilk 1/2 cup (4 oz.) Rum, optional 1 (10 oz.) can frozen piña colada mix 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks, chilled 1 cup frozen, unsweetened mango chunks, partially thawed


Blend Almond Breeze with rum, piña colada mix (do not defrost) and pineapple chunks until smooth. Add mango; blend until smooth. Garnish with additional pineapple, if desired.

Nutritional Analysis

Servings: 2

Calories: 422 Sugars: 39 g
Total fat: 16 g Fiber: 3 g
Cholesterol: 30 mg

We tried the recipe out but with a few exceptions. We used canned pineapple and left off the mango. We are not big mango eaters in our house.

This all we used. It was easy to blend. I also let Gracie taste some of the milk before I used it in the drink.

Gracie is excited about trying this drink.  We all love coconut in this house.

Here she is taking the first taste of the drink. Wonder if she is going to like it or not? She loves being my test subject especially when it come to trying things in the kitchen. She is my little chef.

Look at that smile I think that this Coconut Cooler is a hit with her. It was also a hit with me as well. Did you know that the two varieties we sampled are also perfect for you?

Vanilla Unsweetened

Unsweetened Almondmilk Coconutmilk Vanilla is a low carbohydrate, lactose-free, and soy free milk substitute that contains just 45 calories per cup.


Blended real almonds and coconuts with natural vanilla into a deliciously creamy dairy and soymilk milk alternative. Lactose-free Almond Breeze Almond Breeze Almondmilk Coconutmilk Original Vanilla contains just 70 calories per cup.

So see things that are good for you can taste amazing as well.

All in all we were pleased with the milk that we were taste tested. I as a mom like that it was milk that was shelf stable and well as good for my girls.

So what are you waiting for “breeze” to your grocery store and pick up some this delicious milk to try some of the recipes you can find here.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary kit of Almond Breeze Coconut milk for the sole purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was given. All opinions are 100% mine.


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