Your Guide to Fall Fashion 2012

Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to layer key pieces of your wardrobe that you already own both to keep warm and to create surprising new looks with the clothes you already have.  I have always heard that it is better dress in layers then to not have enough on. Combining layers with accessories will make your fall look comfy, chic, and affordable.

One key to layering is balance. Be sure to pair baggy items with tighter items or items that flow with structured items. If you wear a pair of wide-legged pants with a flow top, your overall look will make you appear heavier than you are. Always think in terms of the over-all effect of your outfit. Pair a bigger top with skinny jeans and boots or a tight-fitting top with wide-legged trousers and cute flats. I love to wear leggings and boots with my dresses. Not only am I warm but comfortable at the same time.

A structured jacket adds a punch of polish to any outfit and especially looks chic over a romantic, loose-fitting blouse. This fall, consider investing in a good-quality  jacket with interesting details, such as cute buttons, ruffles at the hem, or an interesting collar. You can even throw on a structured jacket over a T-shirt on a casual Friday to add a sophisticated element to your dressed-down duds. Don’t include too many elements in your outfit that vie for attention. Simple is best.

Sweater socks paired with boots are hot right now, especially those with lace at the top that peek out over the top of your boots. Use these to create a layering affect below the knees, but be careful not to wear socks that are too loud or brightly colored. The days of rainbow toe socks are over and never should have happened in the first place. Your socks should be cute and stylish – not gaudy. This fall’s socks are in dark, rich colors, with subtle but beautiful elements at the top, like lace or scallops. Use can make your own by using an old sweater and cutting the arms off. Yep that is being frugal.

The most eye-catching layering is typically on top. Combine a long-sleeved, button-up shirt with a subtle pattern with a brightly-colored, form-fitting sweater. Sweater vests are also appropriate for fall and don’t have to evoke visions of your grandfather’s wardrobe. Most clothing brands make sweater vests that are both stylish and form-fitting and are perfect over a blouse or even a tank top on the warmer fall days.

Continue to utilize fashionable pieces you already own and create fall time fashion that’s functional and affordable because you already own it!

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