Things to Do in Athens

You are suffering from stress and really want to try something different things for a few days? Or are you planning a memorable event for your loved ones? Travel to a foreign country can help you! If you love both mountains and beaches and want to discover both historical and modern values, Athens, Greece, will be your ideal destination. Let’s explore this tourist heaven with the following activities!

1. Visit and Discover
If you are keen on historical sites, you should visit the Acropolis and see the Parthenon. Let’s take a walk uphill and admire immense woods and magnificent buildings. The Parthenon is very special because it was the most perfect construction built by one of the world’s most advanced civilizations. Even today, how the Greek built the Parthenon remains a mystery. Athens is also the home of many museums, galleries, and exhibits. Don’t miss the chance to visit the New Acropolis Museum, one of history’s latest architectural achievements, or the impressive National Archaeological Museum with its massive collection of works! If you want to save money, visit the popular archeological sites on free-admission days. If you cannot go on those days, you can visit online tourist stores such as Viator and Expedia and find some coupons or deals to get deep discounts on tickets and travel fees. One more thing you could do in Athens is to give yourself a breathtaking view of the whole city. Just get to the top of a hotel, restaurant, or hill; you will be high enough to enjoy the vast landscape of wonderful beaches, majestic structures, amazing high buildings, and busy streets of Athens!

2. Eat and Drink
You would be remiss if you traveled to a place without enjoying the foods and drinks there. In Athens, eating out is very popular. This city offers various choices for every palate and budget. If you like a luxurious atmosphere, there are numerous restaurants throughout Athens for you to choose. Delicious dishes including appetizers, grilled meat, seafood, and desserts; and wonderful drinks such as Retsina and Ouzo are awaiting your discovery. Do you prefer street food? It is easy to find almost any kind of street food such as bagels, roasted chestnuts, or cheese pies in Athens without going far to buy them. Additionally, the city is full of cafes, bars, and nightlife venues where you can try drinks and foods.

3. Hang Out and Buy
Your travel to Athens will not be complete if you don’t visit Plaka and Gazi, which are two of the oldest and busiest districts in Athens. Put on comfortable shoes and walk through the streets where you can meet friendly local people, buy souvenirs, and attend activities such as book fairs and flash mob dances. And what if shopping is your hobby? Just go to the markets such as Monastiraki Flea Market and Agora-Athens Central Market, where you can find a world of bargain merchandise including handcrafted goods, jewelry, clothes, fresh fruits, and packed specialties. Don’t forget to do research beforehand to be a smart buyer!

Athens is a wonderful place to visit but if you want to discover other travel destinations this winter, you can find more in the article Best Travel Destinations Winter 2012 .Wishing you an interesting trip this season!

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