Wordless Wednesday Veteran’s Day Parade

This past Monday, my girls took part in the Veteran’s Day parade not because they were affiliated with a group or club that was marching in the parade. They marched for a simple reason. Their Grampie, my dad, asked them to carry a banner in the parade. My dad is retired Marine spending 20 years in the service. He is very involved with the veteran organization in our county. If you remember he was one of people responsible for bringing the replica of the Vietnam Wall to our county. So here are three pictures  from the proud that I wanted to share with you. I am not only a proud mom because my daughters gave up a day off of school to honor those who have served or are serving, but I am also a proud daughter of a 20 year USMC Master Sergeant. Semper Fi!!!

AFM dad veteran's day parade
My Dad was involved in announcing all the parade floats and people participating in the parade. My girls said he should have introduced his beautiful granddaughters as they walked by. LOL

AFM girls veteran's day parade
Here are my girls walking in the parade. As you can tell it was very windy. Maddie is on the left and Mikaela is on the right wearing a hat. Here is another shot.

AFM girls veteran's day parade two
I am so proud that they did not think twice before saying yes and that they passed on beach trip with their cousins because they had made this commitment to their Grampie.
So how have your kids made you proud this week?

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