Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds For Custom Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a stone that never goes out of fashion. The clean look and classic shapes on offer give them a timeless look that’s always appealing. Whether you want something big and sparkly for custom engagement rings or something more understated for some earrings, diamonds have you covered. However, there has been a shift in recent years. Consumers are turning away from traditional natural diamonds and favoring lab-grown stones instead. What’s so special about these alternative stones? Are they really the best choice when searching for stones for custom-made jewelry?

What Are Lab-grown Diamonds?

Before we go deeper into the benefits of choosing these lab-grown stones for your custom rings, we need to look at what lab-grown diamonds actually mean. There is a misconception that lab-grown diamonds aren’t real diamonds at all. Some wrongly believe they are lesser stones like cubic zirconia. That isn’t the case. The stone created in these conditions is a real diamond with all the same properties as the ones mined out of the ground. The crystals form in the same way under high heat and pressure, creating a precious gem with the same qualities and high value. The only difference is that the mined stones occur naturally over long periods while the lab-grown diamonds are created artificially in facilities.

For a long time, many in the industry turned away from lab diamonds because they were seen as lesser stones. High-end jewelry stores stuck with mined stones because of their prestige and worried that artificial diamonds would devalue their pieces. However, the popularity of lab-grown diamonds has evolved in such a way that companies have had no choice but to give in. When A-list celebrities are wearing lab diamonds at the Met Gala and other red-carpet events, you know they are the next big thing. So, why are so many people so keen to use these stones for San Diego custom engagement rings?

1) They are more environmentally friendly

The main reason for choosing lab diamonds varies depending on the buyer. However, a lot of consumers and celebrities made the switch because this is the more ethical option. The problem with mined stones is that they are a finite resource, and we have to tear them out of the ground through intrusive processes. This can destroy landscapes and displace communities. Critics do point out the amount of energy and resources needed for lab diamonds, but it is still a far more sustainable option.

2) They are difficult to tell apart from the “real” thing

This is something that surprises many consumers when they see lab diamonds. They really do look identical to mined diamonds. That’s because although the processes are manufactured in a lab, the stone is still a natural diamond. This means you can get the same quality stones with great clarity and barely any inclusions. The bespoke nature of lab diamonds also means you can do this with larger-carat stones. So, even if you put these stones under a microscope, you would have trouble telling them apart.

3) They come in a range of colors and styles

The adaptability of these lab diamonds means that consumers can get stones to order and turn them into exquisite pieces. A popular feature with lab diamonds is the chance to add color. Color isn’t always desirable if you have a yellow-toned mined diamond, but the pink ones fetch a high price. By manipulating lab conditions, technicians can enhance the hue of some vivid and unique stones. This includes purples and greens. There is also the chance to make the stones glow under UV light.

All of this is possible in raw stones that designers can fashion into impressive cuts. There are lots of different diamond shapes out there. Some are designed to offer as much sparkle as possible with multiple facets, such as the radiant and round brilliant diamond. Others are more understated and classy, like the emerald cut. It all depends on your taste. You can even have hearts and crescent moons in custom engagement rings if you want.

4) They are much more accessible and affordable

The final reason that these lab-grown diamonds are so popular is their accessibility. Mined stones are a rarity by comparison, so a large 4-carat princess cut in pink is going to cost a fortune. Lab-grown stones are faster to grow and easier to source. While some say this limits their desirability, it does make them more accessible to people on lower budgets. You can get a similar stone for a much lower price. Or, you can choose to spend the same amount and have something with a high carat, better clarity, or more intense color. This level of accessibility is important for the industry. We can’t rely on old-fashioned jewelry stores with elitist views when millennials want to invest in something more in line with their values.

Getting Custom Jewelry With Lab-gown Diamonds

One of the best things about these lab-grown diamonds is that their adaptability and speed allow for some wonderful custom-based designs. There are plenty of beautiful pieces out there, with classic looks and cuts, but sometimes you want something a little more unique. Custom-made engagement rings and other sentimental pieces mean you can design something with a specific meaning or a bit of an edge. Choose a stone based on its core values – which mean the cut, color, clarity, and carat – and then choose a setting. Companies that work with other gemstones can also provide secondary settings to enhance the diamond and add more visual impact. It is worth taking the time to create custom engagement rings this way to give your loved one something special. The gems will be something they can treasure for years.

Wear Custom Lab Diamond Jewelry With Pride

So, when you are in the market for a custom ring for a loved one or the perfect engagement piece, check out companies with lab-grown diamonds. These stones are highly appealing to younger consumers who want to make an impact. Not only are the stones just as stunning as the ones mined from the ground, but you can also get impressive levels of clarity and color variations for a lower price. This affordability and accessibility make it so much easier to find something special within your budget, allowing for some even bolder designs. When you add the fact that you get to champion something more sustainable and eco-friendly, it really is the best choice for everyone.

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