Unique Floral Combinations and What They Mean

Unique Floral Combinations and What They Mean

Flowers are a popular gift on holidays and birthdays due to the more profound meaning they connotate. However, even though love is the most common reason to give someone flowers, did y’all know that there are many other reasons to give flowers as gifts? In fact, there are plenty of meanings associated with flower types other than romance. With this in mind, here are some unique floral combinations and what they mean.

Purple Flowers Symbolize Innocence and Confidence

Purple flowers such as lilacs and spider flowers symbolize the innocence of a new romance, as well as renewal. Since purple is a royal color, it also leads to an association between confidence and purple flowers. If you are celebrating a formal occasion such as a wedding, vow renewal, or confirmation, lilacs and spider flowers make great gifts for these types of events.

Orange Flowers Represent Fertility and Domestic Happiness

Although you might not think of holly when you are putting together a bouquet, this type of berry is a symbol that represents a happy home life. The meaning behind an orange blossom is similar to that of the holly, but its meaning indicates a desire for fertility. Combining these two floral varieties should give your spouse or partner a clear idea that you would like to start a family with them.

Some Flower Types Are Only for Your Enemies

If you have any oleanders or daffodils lying around, save these flowers for someone whom you dislike. A bouquet of pink oleanders can serve as a warning to someone that they are entering a rough patch.

In addition, giving someone a single daffodil represents bad luck, and it shows that you wish someone ill will without resorting to a stand-off. Giving someone a flower has got to be the most passive-aggressive way to tell them that you are not a fan.

Overall, flowers have countless other meanings besides affection. If you would like to learn more, you should check out the ultimate guide to flowers and their meanings. However, now that you know a few unique floral combinations and what they mean, you should have a few rough ideas the next time you want to give someone a bouquet.

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