Do you have a hunger?

Do you have a hunger? by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I have been bitten by the hunger bug. I never knew that anything dealing with hunger would be so exciting and make me want more. The hunger I am speaking about is the book and now motion picture, The Hunger Games. You have not heard of this then I have one question for you what rock have you been hiding under? Katniss Everdeen, the main character, in the movie has a style unlike any other. I mean seriously, how many people would look good set on fire or battle for their lives in the forest. The main idea about Katniss’s style is that she wears the clothes and she does not let the clothes wear her. What I mean by that is that she does not wear anything overpowering so much that it takes away from her striking features. I know what you are thinking not everyone is beautiful like her but you can still take and make her style your own, just by finding clothes that suit your body shape and colors that don’t make you look like you belong in a hospital. Don’t laugh I have seen people who try out the latest fashion to only be a fashion don’t instead of a fashion do.

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