Ways to Increase Living Space in Your Home

Ways to Increase Living Space in Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

After months being cooped up indoors with one another, my family and I are all itching for a little bit of elbow room. Don’t get me wrong, y’all, I love spending time with them, but some days Momma just needs her personal space! This has got me thinking about how I could expand my home to create just a few more square feet of livable space for myself and my kids. I considered adding on a whole new addition, but those can get costly very quickly. So instead I’ve been thinking about renovating our existing spaces to make them more functional and spacious. Below are three great ways to increase living space in your home and create just a bit more elbow room for your kiddos.

Finish your basement

As summer starts to creep in and the heat begins to follow, I’ve found that the best way to increase living space in your home is by finishing your basement. This renovation will allow you the most additional square footage possible, while also providing you a lovely sanctuary from the hot summer sun. Finished basements are very popular in single-family homes because they can be used for just about anything. Some are even large enough that they can be sectioned off into spaces with separate purposes. One portion of your finished basement can be used as a kids’ playroom while another portion can be utilized as a home office or put to use as a workshop. In some instances, you may also be able to turn the basement into an entire apartment that can be used by visiting family and friends. Be sure to check local building and fire codes first to ensure all your bases are covered.

Repurpose your attic

As your kids grow older, they may begin to feel the need for a larger space with just a bit more privacy. Repurposing your attic into an additional bedroom is a great way to do just that. Depending on the size of your home and the pitch of your roof, you may be able to create a rather spacious bedroom for your growing teen. When renovating an attic into a livable space, be sure to pay special attention to insulation and flooring. The attic will likely need a bit more insulation than other areas of your home and may need additional cooling measures as well, because of the fact that heat rises.

Fence in the patio

If you live in an area that experiences mild weather year-round, count yourself lucky! You will easily be able to screen in the patio or create a three-season room that can be used as an additional living space for most of the year. The most important thing to consider when renovating your patio in this manner is pest control. Bugs and insects will want to enjoy your lovely screened-in porch as much as you will. Be sure that the screens are installed tightly and that there are no openings through which pests could enter your sanctuary.

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