Keeping Warm In Winter – A Sustainable Guide

Keeping Warm In Winter - A Sustainable Guide from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Winter is here, and all of its wonders. If you’re interested in fashion, this is one of the best times of the year. The layers of clothing we must wear for warmth allows for some of the most creative expression possible. Summer is a wonderful season, and the blossoming beauty of our surroundings will often lend itself to us feeling fabulous, but for the most part, there’s nothing quite like the versatility of the winter wardrobe.

Sustainability and sustainable fashion are terms gaining more and more traction in the modern eco-conscious world. This is not an accident. Looking amazing in clothing feels even better when you know it has been manufactured peacefully, without much of a material impact on the world around you. You truly shine when your clothing is a place worthy of respect.

Keeping warm in winter sustainably? It can be done. We’re here to show you how.

Wear Sustainable Footwear

Footwear is often made of plastics, or faux leathers, or suedes. While these aren’t necessarily terrible for the environment, there are ways to rock that nature chic more suitably. Farm to foot clothing craft woolen footwear with soles of calfskin, which allow for a great ability to absorb moisture and keep warm. Walking around indoors on the cold tile will never be as dreaded a prospect as can be with these beauties on your feet. They are also low-key and good looking, giving you the opportunity to avoid the ‘monster slipper’ trend that people fall into. For flexible and easily storable indoor shoes, these can work a treat and are much more practical than the uggs of recent fame.

Fairtrade Clothing

That’s right; clothing purchases are potentially fairtrade now. It might take a search for a reputable online retailer to source them, but it’s not difficult to do so. Often sweatshop workers and cotton farmers abroad are given a pittance in exchange for the clothes we enjoy wearing every day, and this trend must stop.

Paying a little extra to make sure the farmer is rewarded justly for the fruits of their labor is something that shouldn’t have to be dictated by trend at all, but unfortunately, it can be the only way to change perceptions. Funding all of your wardrobes through this service is potentially revolutionary for those across the sea hoping for a better life.

Sustainable Materials

There are many sustainable materials to choose from. From Bt to organic cotton, soy, hemp, bamboo all the way to PET plastics, clothing has never been more environmentally ethical. Mark Hoffman, Of A Kind, Rag & Bone and Levi’s are all big fashion brands with a dedicated cause to sustainable fashion. Most of these brands keep stunning winter collections. A quick google search can yield you useful information on these brands, and give you more of an opportunity to place your money where your mouth (and threads are.) Supporting these brands helps incentivize more ethical business being conducted.

There’s nothing better than seeing your wardrobe and knowing it has no impact on the overall health of the society and world around you. You will truly look radiant in clothing such as this. Enjoy!

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