Tips for Creating a Cozy Living Space on a Budget

Tips for Creating a Cozy Living Space on a Budget

What is cozy? Cozy usually coincides with small, but y’all, that doesn’t mean that something has to be small for it to be comfy. No matter what size room you’re working with, there are ways to create a cozy living space on a budget.

Plants, Plants, and Plants

Strategically place voluminous or tall plants around any room of the house to fill empty spaces. Be sure that the areas provide enough light for the fella to grow and survive. And don’t forget to water! Plants are a great source of coziness, and they add pops of color.

Swap Coffee Tables for Ottomans

Switching out the dull coffee table for an oversized, plush ottoman is exactly what you’re living space needs to become comfy cozy. A soft, plushy ottoman will provide warmth for any living space that a coffee table wouldn’t. Ottomans are available to purchase with storage compartments too!

Comfortable Seating

When you’re trying to cozy up your home, you need to decide where you’re going to spend the budget and where to save. In my opinion, spending the money on the oversized, comfortable couch is the way to go. There is nothing better than sinking into the sofa after a long day and curling up with a book or the remote to relax. This idea, right there, y’all, is the epitome of comfy cozy.

If you have a modest space, I recommend heading to a furniture store with an idea in mind for choosing furniture for a small area.

Throw Blankets

I am a firm believer that you can never, EVER have too many throw blankets. Drape them over your couches and chairs, or have a designated basket to place all the blankets in. Mix it up with different fabrics and seasonal patterns. Adding plush and cuddle-worthy blankets is an easy way to add cozy on a budget.

Re-Arranging Furniture

How’s the flow of the room? Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a look around at what you have and re-arranging it. Move chairs and sofas around until you find a more inviting space that flows well with the house’s layout. Try bringing seating closer together, allowing people to converse better.

Painting the Walls

There are particular colors that scream cozy and inviting. The deeper the tone, the cozier it’s going to feel. Think about forest green or navy blue.

Repurpose Décor or Furniture

Say you have an entertainment system that needs an upgrade. You can paint it in a warm color and give it new life. Y’all, grab that old vintage ladder to display throw blankets and quilts. Use the antique trunk to store board games.

Add a Fireplace

Even if your home doesn’t come with a fireplace, or you live in a state where it wouldn’t be helpful, a fireplace is an excellent addition to creating a cozy living space. There are plenty of fantastic options available to consumers at a variety of price points.

If your home already has one, make it the focal point. Consider placing the television above it or a few comfortable chairs around it.

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