Virtually Free Ways to Decorate Your Home

Virtually Free Ways to Decorate Your Home

When you live on a very tight budget keeping your home looking nice is really difficult. Cleaning it is not hard you just need enough time, and the will, to do it. The tricky bit is decorating. Most of the time, you really do not have the money to do it. Fortunately, there are some free or almost free ways to decorate your home.

Ask for decor related presents

A good approach is to ask your friends and family for decor related presents. The more specific you can be the better. If someone asks you what you want for Christmas actually tell them. Be specific and make it a home decor related gift.

Many firms, like the canvas print company you can find here, offer people the chance to buy vouchers from them. So, if you have a fantastic photo you took that you would love to turn into a wonderful print for your home, ask for a canvas print voucher for your birthday or Christmas.

Hit the charity shops

Charity shops are great places to pick up items like rugs, linen, and ornaments. Most of what you see on sale in these shops is virtually brand new. Often, it has been given away because the person received as a gift and did not like it or made a mistake when buying it. Plus, these days, a lot of mainstream homeware retailers now give their end of season stock to charity shops to sell on. Therefore, you can easily pick up a bargain.

Join your local recycling club

You can also pick up a lot of fantastic stuff from your local recycling organization. They can be good sources of everything from old items of furniture to the building materials you need to build some new shelves. Usually, all you need to do is to sign up to their website to be able to view what is on offer. Most of it is completely free.

Potentially, if you get really good at restoring items of furniture you could sell a few pieces and maybe make a bit of extra cash. Just be sure to sell each piece before you start your next project. Otherwise, there is a real danger you could end up with a garage full of unwanted items and have spent quite a bit of money on the materials you needed, with no return.

Use end of tin paint

If you are lucky your local recycling club will also accept partially used tins of paint. In some areas, the council also collects them at their dumps. This is great news for you because you can potentially use them to paint your home. After all, there is no rule that says all of your walls have to be the same color.

However, if you do want to paint a whole room in the same color you will need to learn how to use paint dyes. This article explains how to do it, but color matching can be tricky. Therefore, each time you mix up a new batch remember to paint it onto a piece of board and let it dry to make sure it matches the last batch you made.

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