Unique Gifts For that Hard to Buy For Person on Your List

Disclosure: I received these awesome items in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine.

hard to buy

Looking for that unique one of a kind gift that will have the wow factor than you might want to consider looking at ThinkGeek.com. I was absolutely surprised at the reaction that I received when I gave items from this store as gifts. I know what you are thinking geek is all about things scientific or all things nerdy but in fact it really isn’t. Whether you are a STARS WARS fan, (side note: who is excited about the new one coming out this week. I know I am, but sadly I had to turn down a prescreening invite because it is exam week at my house so no extras going on this week but studying.) they have a ton of Stars Wars stuff. But when I had to pick three items to review and give as gifts I selected several that I knew would be hit right out of the ballpark. 


The first item I picked was  the Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge,a construction (building) type game as Mikaela, my middle daughter, wants to be an architect one day so this would encourage her imagination. I mean she is already designing houses for all of us to live in and you should see them. She has big plans that middle one of mine. Plus she has the drive to get stuff done so I know that she will achieve her dreams. I also had another reason for selecting this game, playing the game decreases the amount of time they spend watching television and on their  cell phones electronics,. Just check out the game.


The second item I picked was a very cool planetary glass set. As most of you know my oldest daughter, Maddie moved into her own apartment last year. They started out with very little but are slowly adding to their household items. These were perfect for her as since both her and her boyfriend, Lex are taking a lot of science classes with their majors (Maddie’s being Psychology and Lex’s being BioChemistry) I thought not only would these glasses be useful but also great conversation starters when they have friends over. They are so unique and unlike anything I have seen at the store. Plus at parties there is no mistaking who has what glass as they are unique.


The last item was perfect for Maddie’s boyfriend, Lex. Lex is one of those guys that you want your daughters to date. He is studious, hard working and doesn’t expect things to just be given to him. He works hard for everything he has. He has become the son we never had. Lex’s dream is become a neurologist one day. So that is why the next item was the perfect gift for him. Brain Specimen Coasters!!! That was a no brainer. Excuse the pun there. 

When Lex opened this particular package he got excited. He started looking at each coaster. You see when all the coasters are stacked in a pile together it makes the whole brain, but each individual coasters dissects the brain into different parts. Maddie and Lex started looking at the brain and its part and starting discussing what each part was and what it did. I think I got cool points with that one, It is so hard to give a gift for someone who rather work for something than have it handed to him but I think this one was out of the park.

So if you are looking for that last minute Christmas gift or even a gift for birthday’s or graduation than you might want to check out all that Think Geek has to offer but first make sure to grab their latest coupons posted here.

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