Creative Hacks to Use LED Strip Lights

Creative Hacks to Use LED Strip Lights from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When we talk about LED Strip Lights, the usual thought that comes is as a decorative lighting fixture. It has the most variety of ways to illuminate our desired spaces, be it the bedroom, bathroom, outdoor garden, office area, etc. 

Whether homemakers or interior designers, many people worldwide prefer to use LED lighting strips to get a fantastic lighting outcome. It is also really cost-effective with ample benefits and flexible usability. 

Thus, in this post, I have made a creative checklist of several decorative hacks to utilize the LED Strip lights. 

Brighten up Shelves

Shelves are one of the essential architectural elements that enhance the look of any space. To make them look more functionally beautiful, you can add LED Strip lights beneath or above the shelves. This way, the items kept on the shelves, like photos, decorative ornaments, accessories, etc., will be highlighted with a soft glow. 

Since the LEDs run on low wattage, you do not have to worry about excessive warming of the area. You can also get RGB LED Strip lights to get a more gradient illumination from Lepro.

Electrify Decorative Features 

If you have been to clubs or discos, you must have noticed some funky light decoratives. Suppose you have a wooden tree structure on your porch. Then, you can attach some neon LED lighting strips to the figure to make it look more creative and beautify the area. 

Adjust the Mood of Bedroom and Living Room

One of the best spaces to use LED Strip lights is in the bedroom and living room.

You can choose from a variety of  Lepro LED strip lights for the bedroom and the living room and utilize them as accent lighting. It will provide a warm white illumination to space. If you get the strip lights with the adjustable color feature, then you can change the light color as per the surrounding setting. You can stick those LED strip lights behind the headboard to spice up the look of the bedroom. 

Light up your Terrace 

Everyone wants to spend some nighttime on their terrace. So, why not make the terrace a little bit more intimate by adding some perfect light illumination through strip lighting! You can also arrange some aesthetic furniture and do a photoshoot in the evening. 

Lighten Dark Areas/Corners 

It happened to many of us where we hit our legs with furniture at the corner of the room. To reduce those minor accidents, one way is to brighten up those dark corners of your abode. 

Since those dark areas are not frequently visited, you can install some LED Strip lights just enough to light the space. It would also add accent lighting to your custom design pieces. Place the strip lights under dressers and cabinets, which will also make the area appear usable.   

Make Children’s Bedrooms more Fun

If you have a separate room for your child or run a child school, using LED Strip lights to make the space more playful is an option. Well, LEDs are not hazardous anyway, so. 

Illuminate the Stairs 

These days, it has become a standard to accentuate the stairs by placing different colored strip lights along the sides. Those LEDs can make even the dark staircase light up and visible to prevent tripping or slipping. This hack will make your stairs look sleek, trendy, and practically usable during nighttime. This hack can be seen primarily on wedding receptions, parties, etc. 

If you happen to have a garden path with small stairs, applying strip lights will light up the whole dark way, looking all modernized and stylish. 

Lit up Dark Drawers

Looking for stuff in drawers where no sufficient light reach is a hassle. Thus, you can apply a strip of LED lights inside the drawer linings, cupboards, and dark closets to allow some light to shine. You can choose to install LEDs Strip lights with on and off emitters or those with designed motion detectors. For the latter, the lights will turn on only when there is an activity with the drawer. 

Highlight Artwork 

If you visit an art exhibition, notice how the lights are differently illuminated in different spaces of the whole room. Even the paintings or artwork have distinct light accentuation. This is because the strip lights attached behind the picture acts as backlights. This focused lighting makes the artwork appear even more striking and beautiful. And since the LED strips are not harmful, it is safe to use them on paintings.

Change your Kitchen’s Impression 

The kitchen/Pantry is the only space in the house or Office where different kinds of electrical products are used. But, it does not mean that you cannot spice up the look of the whole kitchen. You can attach high-quality bright LED Strip lights beneath the kitchen cabinets to illuminate the area of usage. You can also install extra LED bulb strips into the curves of the kitchen. This would effectively enhance the design of the kitchen. 

Therefore, do not only use the LED Strip lights for festivities or special occasions but also utilize them in every possible way to accentuate your abode.  

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