7 Tips to Grow Younger

7 Tips to Grow Younger from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Do you have oldie blues? Remember age is only a number. You are as young as you feel. The awareness about health and health foods is growing. Fad diets are on the rise. Do you know that if you follow a healthy lifestyle there is little else that you need to do?

The 30s are the new 20s and 40s are the new 30s. Keep up the lively charm and you’re not really old. The process of aging is a little daunting but there are ways that you can come around this. Heard of the 90-year-old model? KFC was started by Colonel Sanders when he was 88! So many people change their careers later in life. It’s all in the head! Calm your mind and see yourself grow younger.

Here are a few lesser-known tips that you can follow to grow; grow younger!

1. Meditate

We’ve all heard from others that we should meditate. But should you really? Yes, you definitely should! Studies have shown that people who meditate daily have physical changes in their brains which shorten the amygdala in the brain which is responsible for anxiety and the fright and flight response. This means that you stress less on a very biological level without having to do much else. Meditation not only helps you with the anxiety but also with the zen mode. As we grow younger we not only start accepting ourselves but also others around us which gives us inner peace. If you advocate inner peace then meditation is the way to go.

2.  Yoga

Do yoga!! Yoga is rapidly gaining popularity around the globe. This is not without reason. People who mix yoga with meditation see greater effects on their bodies. The wrinkles disappear and your skin feels firmer. Your random aches and pains leave you. You feel like a new person. Why would anyone forego this? The reason is that not much is known about yoga even today. Taking your time to research a bit about it can take you places, literally, if you are an adventurous person. You can travel to your heart’s content knowing full well that your body will not fail you.

3. Exercise

If you are not a fan of yoga, supplement it with exercise. If you have random aches and pains, do exercises that help you specifically with these. Do not discredit the needs of your body. The body is a machine and exercise is the necessary oiling it needs. As we grow older, our bodies lose their agility. Exercise not only keeps your physical body in top condition but it also keeps away mental diseases like depression and anxiety by regulating the feel-good hormones.

4. Routine

Follow a routine! This is tedious and boring, we know. But as you grow older, the body becomes set in its ways and giving it a routine tells it how to function properly. Set fixed routines and times for taking care of yourself and regulate your mealtimes and meal portions. It won’t hurt to add anti-aging creams into your skin care routine early in life to give your skin regeneration a little boost. Anti-aging creams do not mean that you’re getting old. It means that you’re adapting to your body’s needs. Dr. Bill Andrews, the founder of Siorai, explains that the molecule TAM-818 slows the shortening of telomeres, which are caps on the end of chromosomes that cause us to age as they shorten. Slowing this process will also slow the aging process. If the body adapts to your lifestyle, adapt to its needs too.

5. Stay happy

The secret to a good life is being happy. If you’re happy with your life, everything seems good and your body feels that. The regenerating processes in your body also get a boost when you’re happy with yourself and the world. Besides life is short so why shouldn’t you be happy. Make time to do the things that give you happiness along with a good diet. If you are happy you attract only happy things in life. This is not to say that you won’t face hardships in life, but an optimistic outlook towards life can help you overcome even those easily. Studies have shown that happy people not only perform better at work but also in personal lives. They can manage themselves better.

6.  Don’t follow diets

A lot of people follow diets and claim that the diets have helped them. It’s your personal choice if you want to go on a diet. The best thing is to eat healthy and exercise, that’s all that your body actually needs. Look at things from a natural point of view. Your body is equipped to handle itself. Playing with your body unnaturally puts it off balance. Do what’s best for your body because only you know how it functions. Treat it like a friend and it will serve you well.

7. Hang out more

Spend time with your loved ones! Man is a social animal. We are sure that you must have heard this time and again. Even if you’re an introvert you still need your dose of people! Sometimes when we get busy in life, we don’t realize what we are foregoing. A good social life is one of the things that get sidelined. Find the time to hang out with your family. If you have children they will always thank you for spending time with them. Reconnect with your friends and have some fun time with them. The importance of social life is even given in Maslow’s pyramid of psychology. No matter how antisocial you are, you still need a certain number of people in your life. The human emotion of loneliness is to compel you to put yourself out there.

Time management is always a tussle. Work and responsibilities just keep growing and you wish that you had 48 hours in a day. But we all only have 24 to make the most out of. Make the most out of every day and you’ll start seeing physical changes in yourself!

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