Top 10 Strategies to Get Lowest Hotels Rates

Top 10 Strategies to Get Lowest Hotels Rates from North Carolina Travel Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Whether you are on a holiday or on a business trip, hotel stay makes for a big part of the expense. You don’t want to compromise by staying in a stuffy hotel room just to save some money but then the high rates are also not acceptable. So, do you negotiate and try to get a quality room at low rates? If you haven’t been successful in getting the lowest hotels rates, follow the top 10 strategies given below –


  1. Book Directly – Call up the hotel directly and talk at the reception. You will not only get to know the  details of the room that you book but also if there are any rooms at  discounted rates. Most hotels deal with very few agents and some prefer to talk with the clients directly.
  2. Room Rates – Ask the reception if the rates are inclusive of breakfast or are just room rates.
  3. Get Rates That Are Inclusive of  Breakfast – The rates that include breakfast in the package are slightly higher but you still get a great deal that is cheaper in the long run.
  4. Stay Duration – Most hotels offer  low rates for stay that is for a longer duration than for a single or two nights. You can either ask the agent or the reception about their stay  policy or you can visit the website to find out more about the packages offered. Some of the amazing hotels in Braintree offer packages that include benefits like spa and others, along with discounted stays.
  5. Ask About Extra Charges – The  rates advertised rarely include any extra charges. You will specifically  have to ask the agent or the reception about the charges that will be added at the time of checking out. They can be credit card fees or local taxes and the percentage added increases the total amount payable.
  6. Find Out About The Type Of Room –  What type of room do you need and how different is it? The website may call the room a ‘Classic Double” but it may actually mean to be a “standard double”. These are just different hotel terms for the same type  of room. When you book through the reception, you can ask for a specific  type of room and on a particular part of the hotel. That is not possible when you do the booking online. You may end up booking an expensive room  that may seem to be a standard room.
  7. Find About Currency Payable – Most  hotels quote the prices in local currency while some may quote in sterling  too. The exchange rate makes a difference, so you have to find out about that.
  8. Booking Early – If you are not sure about the time of your trip, you may book late. But, it always pays to book your hotel well in advance. The rates differ and you get a better deal.
  9. Check Location – Don’t book the hotel based on just the price. Make sure you know where it is located and  check the reviews of the hotel and location to know that you are not  losing out.
  10. Ask About Flights – Some agents offer hotel packages along with flights booked. This gives you a comprehensive package and you get a very good deal.

Apart from this, remember that you may have to cancel at the last moment. So, you should ask about the cancellation policy and then choose the hotel accordingly. But if you follow all of these tips you will sure to get the lowest hotels rates.


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  1. Good tips especially location, taking the cheapest hotel may not end up being the cheapest way to go. Thanks.

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