Oh To Be in A Boat On the Sea

boating injuries

One of the things that was on my list before I die is to go out on the open sea. I was just talking with my friend Kathi, the other day, how I have never been on a cruise. She told me I should since it is so much fun. So we made plans to take one together in a couple of years for my 50th birthday.

This was not the first conversation I have had about boating. I had a few months back with another one of my friends, Sarah. I told her that she had to help me cross things off my bucket list. ( Do you have one? It is so fun to make up a list of all things you want to do before you die.) One was to learn how to fish; another one was to kayak, go crabbing and finally take a boat ride with friends.

I know sometimes boat trips can be dangerous especially if you are riding with someone who does not know what they are doing. That got me thinking about what causes a lot of the accidents where boating injuries occur. I can not say that I was shocked to find out that most injuries that happen in boating accidents are due to driver’s not paying attention. Why wasn’t I shocked, you ask? Because think about isn’t this the same reason for most accidents involving cars. Just the other day I heard on the radio that a man caused a car crash because he was playing a Pokemon Go. Yep, I am serious. Also, think about this how many times have you seen someone texting and driving? You might even be guilty of that.

So it doesn’t surprise me that not paying attention when driving a boat is one of the leading causes of boating injuries.

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