We Survived Our First Round at #TITLEBoxingClub Cary

In a previous post, I told you how my daughters and I went to check out a new gym to see if it would be something that we would be interested in doing. Well on Monday, we bit the bullet and with little nervous butterflies in our stomachs we took on the challenge of the Title Boxing Club in Cary. We entered the gym and were set up with a kit for our workout.

AFM My Kit

You see when you join you are given a duffle bag, boxing gloves, hand wrap, a mesh bag to wash your hand wraps, a t shirt and a keychain. Don’t worry about buying these supplies if you are just checking out the gym, because remember the first shot is free. Shot meaning class. They have equipment that they will provide for you. All you need to do is buy the hand wraps which is $6.


So after we got our kit, we were taught how to wrap our hands with the hand wraps. We all got a different color. Gracie got lime green, Maddie purple and I got orange. Mikaela was not feeling well that day so she did not go with us. Raul still needs to be convinced some more, but hepromises that he will try it out soon. Don’t worry if after you are taught how to wrap your hands you forget or have trouble , Max the General Manager assured me there will be someone on hand to help and make sure your hands are wrapped properly.

AFM Nate

Before we picked out our kits, we met the trainer who would be teaching the class that night. Nate was a very nice guy and even during the course of the class he kept reminding us that we go at our own pace and when Gracie was having problems he assured her it was okay to sit out for a few minutes to catch her breath and then jump back in.

Now onto the class, I will say for me if you can make it through the first 15 minutes of warm-ups than you can make it through the whole class. I found that was the hardest part for me. I had to keep taking breaks. I had to tell Gracie that she could slow down as well. But Maddie was trooper; I guess we know who is the fittest in the family.  After the 15 minute of murder oops I mean warm-ups it was on to the 8 three  minute rounds of hitting the bags. That part was really fun. Nate would walk around making sure that we were all doing the right punches. We even got to hit his gloves every now and then. And then the last part of the work out was Heaven sent to me. We got to sit down and work with the medicine balls and work on our abs. This was the perfect cool down to an awesome workout.

I will have to admit that at one point I wanted to quit and even questioned what I was doing. This was during the fifteen minutes of murder LOL I meant warm-up again (I kept my eye on the clock the whole time LOL) but once I got through this part it was pretty awesome. I know that a part of this is the fact that I am so out of shape but I am not going to quit. I am going to hang in there and keep it up.

I will admit that I am a little sore but not where I thought I would be. My calf muscles are the ones that are killing me right now and I thought it would be my abs. But I know that it will get easier as the more times  we go. In fact, we are planning on going back tonight.  Mikaela will get to try it out for the first time.

I will have to say that this is probably the best workout facility I have been too. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They encourage you to work at your own pace and try to keep the routines simple so that even beginners can keep up. The class we attended on Monday was the biggest class that they had since their opening 3 weeks ago. There were 24 people working out among these were one of the other trainers and Max, the general manager. Tonight will be kick boxing so we will see how well we will do. Hopefully I will be able to snap more than one picture tonight. If you see me with three girls in tow, stop by and say hi and keep the laughs to yourself. LOL

If you are looking for an awesome workout, check out Title Boxing Club in Cary.





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  1. I am so jealous!!! The boxing clubs around me are ridiculously expensive!!! I have been wanting to try boxing for a very long time as I heard it is a good way to lose weight rapidly. I love how detailed you were int his post, please keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. How fun! I would love to take a class like this! What a great way to exercise and get rid of frustration! It sounds like you all had a great time, and a good workout! I’ll have to see if anywhere around here offers this!

  3. What an amazing experience for the family to do together. Good for you that you kept at it and didn’t quit! This would be intense!

  4. Good for you! I have always wanted to try kickboxing. It looks like a fantastic work out but I think I would probably collapse from exhaustion! Either way, great job making it through.

  5. I took 3 months of boxing before I got pregnant with my first and I miss it!! It was so much fun!! I might have to get back on it or even try kickboxing!!

  6. What a great opportunity! I would LOVE to take a class and just punch bags. I would want to visit everyday lol. Good stress relief.

  7. How fun! I need to workout and keep wishing there was a gym closer to me than an hour away. That sounds like once you get past the pain it will be fun!

  8. Impressed that you did it! I watch boxing with my husband, I know they make $$$, but I never understood why they’d want to get a beat down to earn a living. LOL

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