Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room

Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room
A craft room gives crafters the ability to always have supplies ready to go, rather than having to pull them out every time. Set up a room and get crafting!

What do scrapbookers, card makers, and stampers all have in common? We all need space for our oodles of supplies and magnificent creations. Y’all, I don’t know about you, but it drives me nuts having to pull out craft supplies from here and there and cover the kitchen table with them for weeks at a time trying to finish a project. Check out these handy tips for setting up a craft room and give yourself the space you need to get those creative juices flowing and the craft projects completed! Plus you can click here on how to make personalized stamps.

Choose an Area

It’s pretty tough to begin setting up a craft room without a designated place. An entire room is dreamy and a great option. But don’t shy away from the idea of a craft room if you can’t spare a room. You might be surprised where you can squeeze in a spot.

Maybe your walk-in closet could be condensed so you can use half of it for craft space? Or that dining room that is never eaten in because you prefer the casual feel of the kitchen eating area? Take a close look around the house and see what you can find.

A Good Table

A simple task, but that’s all it takes. Get a table that doesn’t wobble and allows enough space to go crazy with paper, stamps, fabric—whatever you enjoy crafting with. Adult Craft Kits often contain many different tools and materials, so you’ll need plenty of space to spread out. The table is priority, as it will be impossible to craft without it.


Can we have too many shelves? I don’t think so! Put up shelving in every nook and cranny of that craft room. It doesn’t take much to hang some brackets and simple shelves up on the wall. Have an empty spot? Add a shelf. Bookshelves and cute hutches work well, too.

Boxes, Baskets, and Jars

We crafters love cute containers for our gadgets. An empty anything can be used to hold a variety of things.

Jelly jars make great holders for pens and scissors and look darling doing it. Now is our chance to prove to everyone that we do indeed need all of those baskets. Put them to use with paper, stamps, or whatever your craft materials may be.

Those empty shelves will soon be covered in needed supplies, cleverly disguised in the cutest containers.

So that’s it! Start with these tips for setting up a craft room and before you know it your own ideas will start flowing. Have fun crafting y’all!

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