Signs That It’s Time To Replace the Gutters

Signs That It's Time To Replace the Gutters from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The gutters around the roof of your home should last for many years. In fact, the most affordable options should be sturdy for about twenty years. Once that time is up, however, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the gutter system. In addition to the passage of years, the gutters may have been damaged by ladders, wind-blown debris, animals, and extreme weather. When you suspect that your home or roofing system is coming up to twenty years old, it’s time to keep a close eye on the condition of your gutters so you can recognize the signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement. 

Recognizing the time to replace your gutters is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home. However, it’s important to try cleaning and repairing your gutters first by using a gutter repair professional known for delivering excellent service which should help to extend the life of your gutters for a couple of years. This should help to remove blockages and seal gaps that may make it look like your gutters need replacing, when actually they only need a little TLC. When you do observe signs of wear, rust, or leaks in your gutters, however, it’s a clear indication that replacement is necessary. Choosing to replace your gutters is an investment in the long-term well-being of your home, so it’s worth considering your options before going ahead with it.

Obvious Damage

Keep an eye out for cracks, holes in the gutter, or rust spots. Sometimes, gutters get bent out of shape or bowed. If you catch the damage early, it may be possible to seal up small cracks and holes. However, each of these situations can lead to further damage to the gutters, your roof, and your home. They are also indications that the time is coming when replacement will be your best option.

Water Flowing From the Gutter

If you notice that a lot of water is dripping from the gutters after a rainstorm or when the snow melts, there may be a clog that’s preventing the water from flowing as it should. It shouldn’t be too hard to clear away blockages before the next rainstorm. However, if you have ice dams, water could leak into your roof and into the home. If you find standing water but there’s no blockage, it is time to replace the gutters.

Gaps and Separated Sections

The gutter system must provide a continuous channel for water to flow freely toward the downspout. If connections are damaged to the point that there are gaps between sections of the system, it may be possible to replace the affected sections. It may be possible to put the gutter back in place by replacing the missing brackets. If these solutions don’t work, it’s time to replace the entire gutter system.

Missing Sections

Hopefully, you’ll catch signs of wear and tear before the wind blows sections of the gutter down. For example, you may find screws or nails on the ground that have fallen from the connections holding everything in place. You may also notice that the gutter has pulled away from your home in places.

Peeling Paint and Discoloration

When the paint on the exterior of your home starts to peel, it’s probably the result of water flowing where it shouldn’t. Discoloration on your siding, the fascia, or near the downspout is another indication of water damage. When you notice these signs, the time may have come when to replace gutters, so you can protect your home against further damage.

Damaged Landscaping

You may notice that the level of soil near the foundation of your home is sinking or that the soil isn’t as dense as it once was. Maybe there are pools in the gardens around your home. When your landscaping is damaged right by your house, there’s probably trouble with your gutter system.

Damage to the Foundation or Basement

Cracks in the foundation are often caused by moisture in the soil right up against the cement. The longer the foundation is affected by increased moisture, the more likely it is that the foundation will shift or allow water into the basement. When the basement floods, you’ll face a lot of property damage. Don’t wait for this to happen before you replace the gutters.

There are many ways that the gutters around your home can be damaged. With some attention and a bit of maintenance, you may extend the lifespan of the system. However, it’s important that you recognize when it’s time to replace those gutters.

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