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Valentine’s day is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about what to give your love. This year try for a little elegance with a watch that compliments your man’s style. No matter their taste, there are fantastic options out there that can satisfy even the pickiest of men. Take the time and find the perfect watch this year. 

For the Athleisure Fan 

The athleisure trend is a male favorite. You may not think of elegance with athleisure, but watches bring an elevated sense of style to this trend. Before you make your choice, look at what sort of clothes your partner wears. You want one that matches their style and color palate. For example, if he often wears dark colors, a watch with a dark band like the Luminox 3051 navy seal would be a perfect fit to complete his athleisure style.  

For the Technological Man  

If your man is more into technology, check out some of the latest innovations in smartwatches. From Bluetooth, internet capabilities, phone calls, and more, these devices are the future of watches. Before you invest, you want to make sure that what you buy suits your partner’s needs. Remember to consider what will sync with their phone, meets their usage needs, and finally matches their style best. Choosing a smartwatch is not hard to do if you are willing to take the time to research a little. 

For the Classic Man 

If your partner is not into athleisure, and a smartwatch is not a good fit, you can go for a classic leather or metal strapped watch. These watches are timeless and provide a clean line to complete any look. When planning your gift, there are a few things to consider. How often will the watch be worn, what sort of activity will your partner do while wearing the watch, and what would match your partner’s aesthetic? While a metal band will be more durable, a leather band may fit their style better. Fortunately, no matter which style you choose, there is a broad range of options in a variety of budgets.  

This year, make the investment and give your partner a watch. No matter their style, a watch is a timeless gift that they can enjoy for years to come. From a relaxed style to a high-tech one, watches are versatile and will make your love smile every time they use it. 

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