The Value of Texting Apps

The Value of Texting Apps from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Text messaging has become a common form of communication both for shorthand, quick messages, and more involved conversations. Texting has replaced phone calls for many cellular phone owners and has become one of the most widely used sources of communication today. This is why access to stable texting is so important and text applications can help. 

Accessible Wherever You Have Internet

Modern cellular phone networks have become very robust and the number of areas without service has been greatly reduced. However, cellular networks still have their share of coverage issues. Problems such as network congestion, outages, and the signal not reaching indoors do still exist. A free text app relies on Wi-Fi and can be connected to your home’s wireless router or the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop. This eliminates coverage issues such as a weak cell signal when you’re indoors. Plus there are homes that don’t get reliable cellular coverage but do have good internet making a texting app a useful solution.

Protection From Spam Calls

The widespread proliferation of spam calls and other scams is a widespread issue in fact the FTC received over 5 million complaints about unwanted calls in 2019 alone. Traditional phone services such as landlines and cellular phones do offer the option to change your phone number, but this process can be complex and time-consuming. Also, while cellular phones offer blocking services these are far from perfect and many carry an additional cost. In many cases, once a phone number is on a spam list removing it is very difficult, this is especially true if the number has been re-issued by the carrier. Where a texting app addresses this issue is allowing you to change your phone number quickly and easily. 

Traditional Cellular Phone Plans Can Be Expensive

The financial aspects of accessing a texting service should not be overlooked. Traditional cellular phone plans can be expensive and even the lowest tier options from major carriers can be price prohibitive for certain users. Cheaper options do exist but these are often through resellers who can be untrustworthy, can shut down unexpectedly, and some have a history of questionable business practices. A free text app is focused on texting alone and transmits data through the internet so not only is it free you don’t have to worry about business issues such as changing contracts or cellular service randomly shutting down.

Final Thoughts

When you need texting access a text app offers a solution for your texting needs and all you need is a smartphone and a hotspot/wireless internet connection. Also, many text apps offer voice over the internet features meaning you can make phone calls as well as text which makes an already useful app all the more valuable.

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