How To Keep Your Kids’ Smartphones Safe At School

How To Keep Your Kids’ Smartphones Safe At School from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Our children are only just back at school, which means we will be entering the approach to Christmas pretty soon. As the festive and fall seasons approach, so do the social occasions both during and after school. More than ever, current and upcoming generations of teenagers are using smartphones to access the internet, stay social and arrange meet-ups. As a parent, this can cause worries about keeping your child safe online, but with the expectation that they should keep some of their freedom.  Continue reading to see how you can keep your kids’ smartphones safe.

Be Open and Chat

When it comes to online safety, there is no point in silently worrying about the potential consequences. If you are worried that your child may encounter cyberbullying, access unhealthy websites, or use the web irresponsibly, it is important to talk to them. Pitching yourself as someone to talk to if they have any questions is far more effective than admonishing them for looking at a disreputable site. Chatting to them openly also prevents them from venturing to unhelpful online material out of naivety. 

Buy a Phone Protector

One of your main concerns may not just be about how they use their cell phone online, but also whether it breaks. Not every parent is affluent enough to cover the cost of a brand new smartphone, particularly if it’s an expensive model such as an iPhone. Investing in a strong and sturdy case and screen protector ensures that if it falls out of their bag or coat, the consequences won’t leave them without a phone. Bodyguardz provides screen protectors that aim to out-perform other market models, so you can ensure that your money is well spent. 

Parental Monitoring Apps

While this may seem like a helicopter parent approach, it is actually for much more pragmatic purposes. Dodgy apps can leave smartphones open to viruses, which in turn could harm your child’s phone in the long-run. Parental monitoring apps allow you to have a say on which apps can and can’t be downloaded onto your child’s phone. They allow you to have an overview of what apps are being used, so you can cast the final judgment on any new additions. 

It’s important, too, to come to an agreement before you hand a phone over to a child. Establishing a sort of verbal contact could be incredibly useful to both of you. Making it clear what can and can’t be downloaded onto their phones will make your life much easier. It also ensures that your child doesn’t accidentally download a costly app and deduct money from your account. Making the consequences for breaking these rules clear also sets some boundaries.

It’s important to remember that smartphones are not all bad. They can be incredibly useful for checking last-minute spelling corrections, listening to music and arranging social meet-ups, which are so important to young adolescents. Establishing some ground rules will help you and your child to come to an agreement on how best to use their phone. Investing in some phone and screen protection also ensures that you won’t have to shell out the extra cost for a new screen, or entire new phone.

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