The Perfect Checklist As You Prepare for Holiday Parties

The Perfect Checklist As You Prepare for Holiday Parties from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As the temperatures quickly drop, individuals across the world are preparing for their Christmas festivities. During this season, there are many items that you must knock off your checklist. Students are having their end of year exams and must spend much time studying. Adults are reaching the end of their fiscal year at work and are making important decisions. Presents must be bought, and parties must be planned. If you are hosting a Christmas party, create a checklist in advance to ensure that you are prepared for the wonderful celebration! There are so many options for holiday gatherings – brunch parties, gift exchanges, and dinner celebrations. In this article, we will discuss the crucial checklist items that help you to be thoroughly prepared for your holiday gathering.

1. Ensure the House Is Ready

Before anything else, ensure that your house is ready to host a party. Do you have enough indoor and outdoor space to ensure social distancing? After ensuring you have adequate space, start making a cleaning checklist. Consider the following options:

  • Two Weeks Before The Event
    • Schedule the Duct Dudes to come to clean the ducts and furnace and ensure that the air will be flowing properly
    • Decorate the exterior of your home with Christmas lights and accessories
    • Have a maintenance check completed on the HVAC and plumbing systems
  • One Week Before the Event
    • Deep clean the parts of your home that will be used during the event
    • Clean the guest bathrooms
    • Ensure that you have enough seating options for the guests
  • Day of the Event
    • Clean the surfaces of the hosting area
    • Sweep the floors
    • Arrange the seating
    • Light candles to ensure a pleasant aroma

By preparing your house in phases, you will not be overwhelmed the week of the event.

2. Prepare Your Guests

As you invite people to a holiday party, you want to ensure that they are prepared and excited for the evening. Consider preparing guests in the following ways:

  • Four Weeks Before the Event
    • Give your guests the details of the event (time, location, details)
    • Send a formal invitation 
  • Two Weeks Before the Event
    • Request all RSVP’s
    • Send details about the dress code, parking rules, and any other relevant information
  • One Week Before the Event
  • Day of the Event
    • Provide party favors
    • Thank every guest individually for their attendance
    • Ensure that you have options for people with food allergies

By thoroughly preparing your guests for the evening, they will know that you are eager to spend quality time with them.

3. Ensure You Are Ready

Whether this is the first or the fifteenth party that you have hosted, it is important to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the party. Leading up to the date, you will want to ensure:

  • Two Weeks Before the Event
    • Start getting adequate sleep so that you will be well-rested
    • Ensure that you have enough food and beverages allocated to provide for the entire guest list
    • Verify options for people with allergies
    • Touch base with any vendors or contractors to ensure that you are all on the same page with the final details
    • Choose a friend to help you execute the event flawlessly

If you are hosting a large holiday gathering, you likely enjoy having people in your home. Prepare for the event by getting enough rest and ensuring that there are reliable people to help you with each step of the process.


Holiday parties are enjoyable and festive. Although parties may be smaller this year, there are thousands of individuals hosting gatherings around the nation. This year, enjoy your own party by being prepared beforehand.

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