Games To Play With Kids When Teaching Spanish

Games To Play With Kids When Teaching Spanish

Learning another language can be an exciting but incredibly frustrating adventure for kids. One way to make it easier for them is to make it fun. There are plenty of games, but I found some easy and cheap ones. Here are some of my favorite games to play with kids when teaching Spanish or another language!


Bingo is a simple game that everyone of all ages can play. It’s super simple to set up and even adaptable to any stage in their language learning journey. Put a different word in each square. I love to use themes, such as animals, objects around the house, moods, or activities.

Simon Says

Put on your Simon hat and get ready to review everyday actions that your child knows. There are many different concepts that y’all can review during this, such as body parts or movements. The kid that wins gets to be the next Simon!


Although a little advanced, another game to play with kids when teaching Spanish is Scrabble. The same rules apply, except all words must be in another language. Beginners might be in over their heads, but students that have practiced for a while will love it.

I Spy

I Spy is another great game to play that can encourage your child to speak more Spanish in class. Y’all can play this old school game running errands together, while waiting at appointments, or even at home. I Spy is a classic that is adaptable to any skill level, any place, and with zero equipment or costs!

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

This game is excellent for a group playdate. It can take a little bit longer to set up, but there are many templates online that you can look up for ideas. Bonus points if you can play the show’s theme music in the background while they are competing!

Transform learning into a playful and competitive game with any of these games! You can also try modifying most family favorites into language-learning opportunities with a few tweaks.

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