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The New You from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

None of us aren’t quite who we’d like to be. We all wish we could be a little thinner, have different hair, have more energy. Own a prettier home. Have a better job. Live with less stress.

Some people take the road towards fixing themselves. They get cosmetic surgery. They take diet pills. They buy a better house. They work long hours. But overall, this kind of life upgrade has a negative connotation. We know, on some level, that this kind of striving is unhealthy. The people who invest in this kind of life-upgrade look better on the outside, but they’re no better off on the inside.

There is, however, a different way to do things. Sometimes a life upgrade–a new, more expensive haircut, a remodeled bathroom, a fancy vacation–is a sign that something has gone right within. Many of us, on some level, doubt our self-worth. Once we begin to realize our self-worth, however, we start to take better care of ourselves. There’s a difference between being thin because you feel you have to, and being thin because you’re taking care of yourself. One comes from self-hatred, the other comes from self-love. Self-love is always the better motivator.

For instance, instead of trying to feel good enough by remodeling your kitchen–trying to feel more successful from the outside in–a healthy life change can result in a desire to upgrade your home. You deserve a beautiful kitchen. You deserve a wonderful place for your family to gather. If it strikes your fancy, you deserve to buy a luxurious dishwasher or oven, because you are important. The kitchen remodel stops being about striving for a better lifestyle and instead flows naturally from that healthy lifestyle.

It’s the same with fixing your personal appearance. Rather than getting your nose redone so you can be pretty enough, a good dose of self-love will have you wanting to care for your body for your own sake. Whether you live in Portland, Maine or Edmonton, Albany, acne scar removal is only a phone call away. Self-love inspires you to do take better care of your appearance because you realize you deserve it.

We all wish we could live a little differently. The good news is, we can. A better life doesn’t happen from the outside in–piling on material success and outside changes–it comes from beginning on the inside and realizing that life is full of joy and tiny opportunities. If we can only slow down and take time to be grateful for the world around us, we’ll start to realize our self-worth again. And that is what brings about a life worth living.

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