The Do’s and Don’ts of End of Term Gifts

The Do's and Don'ts of End of Term Gifts from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In some areas, it’s almost become a competition, with parents battling out to see who can buy the best end of term teacher present.

Of course, if we turn to the traditions of this gift, it’s something which is meant to thank a teacher for all of their work with your son or daughter. It means that by the time the end of term comes, teachers can quite easily be left with twenty or thirty gifts that need to be taken home.

Unsurprisingly, not all gifts are equal. We’re not talking about this from a monetary perspective, but some gifts are just more suited for this purpose than others. Let’s now mull over some basic do’s and don’ts for when the end of term does arrive, and you are looking to buy a gift on behalf of your little one whilst avoiding potential embarrassments.

A Teacher Only Needs One Mug

When that last day of term does arrive, teachers tend to find that they have a newly assorted collection of mugs. Suffice to say; they only use one – or maybe two at a push.

Even though it’s the easy way out, this is the first “don’t” of our guide. It’s a bit too cliché, and while all gifts are going to be gratefully received, there’s every chance that this one isn’t going to be used.

Be More Creative with Markets

We’ve just spoken about clichés, so rather than getting the standard mugs, mats and other similar items, it’s time to think outside the box. This is where a trip to local markets, like the one at Covent Garden, is a worthy piece of advice to follow. Here you can find something more personal and meaningful than what you might get from a large chain store.

It’s here where you really will find items that work as smart, thoughtful gifts. It might be small items of craft or even ornaments for the home. Regardless, it’s something a little different and shows that you haven’t popped to the supermarket the night before to get the gift.

Be Wary with Chocolates

Some would suggest that chocolates are an easy way out – but not always. Out of all of the suggestions we look over today, it could be said that this is a grey area. Sure, in some ways they are a bit cliché, but for those with a sweet tooth, they are always well-received. Furthermore, as alcohol really should be off the menu for end of term gifts (for obvious reasons), this is the next best thing.

Your little one will need to do a bit of research to make sure this is going to be well-received though. Some teachers might be strictly trying to avoid chocolate, while others might have some sort of intolerance. In other words, if you are going down the chocolate route, invest a bit of time beforehand making sure it’s going to work.

You can’t go Wrong with Personalization

In truth, we could write a whole dissertation on personalization and what you should and shouldn’t do. Again, avoid the clichés, but if you can give something to remember the class by it will always go down well.

It might be a frame with a class photo or something else which can’t be bought from the shop. Regardless, it shows some thought has been invested, and the item can always live in the classroom and act as a reminder of the good times over the past year.

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