The Danger Of Coveting A Magazine Christmas

The Danger Of Coveting A Magazine Christmas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Whether you are scrolling through social media or flipping through your favorite magazine, perfect Christmases are popping up everywhere. To be honest, they are pleasant to look at and may spark some inspiration, but they can be a trigger. There’s a hidden danger in these perfect depictions of Christmas that you need to be aware of.

The keyword here is “perfect.” When you’re looking at these holiday images you’re presented with, there’s a real danger of comparison. Coveting a magazine cover Christmas or an Instagram worthy picture will only lead to disappointment and a feeling of inadequacy.

While we know not to expect the perfect holiday picture with our family, we may still want it after seeing these perfect holiday on social media in the back of our mind. Since we can’t really have a perfectly decorated home or a designer tree, we end up feeling disappointed.

When we fall into that comparison trap, we miss out on what makes Christmas so unique. It isn’t about perfection. It’s about sharing memories and making new ones. It’s about baking cookies, giving gifts, singing Christmas songs, hanging lights, sipping hot chocolate, and make more of those beautiful handmade ornaments with the kids. It’s about being a messy, loud, and happy family enjoying Christmas together.

Don’t let this idea of perfection take the joy of the holidays out of you. Go bake some cookies and make a big mess. One of my favorite memories is when we all got into a flour fight with my mom when we were making homemade cookies. Hang those construction paper ornaments with pride. Get out all the kitschy little decorations that remind you of your childhood. Crank up those holiday tunes and then snuggle up the couch with some hot chocolate and sugar cookies to watch “The Year without a Santa Claus.” Who cares that there are crumbs in the blanket, and one of the lights on your tree is out. What counts is that you’re having a good time. This year, instead of perfection, embrace coziness, happiness, and love. Merry Christmas!

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