Reasons You May Experience Driving Anxiety

Reasons You May Experience Driving Anxiety from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Let’s face it: sometimes driving can be scary. Driving anxiety is a common experience with which many people are familiar. It can be incited for several reasons and be difficult to overcome. Here are a few reasons you may experience driving anxiety and how to tackle them head-on.  

A Previous Accident  

Maybe you’ve previously been in or witnessed an accident. This can undoubtedly shake you up and make getting behind the wheel again seem terrifying.  

Overcoming this challenge is all about positive thinking. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. It’s important to remind yourself how many more times you’ve safely arrived at your destination compared to the accident. While it may be hard, don’t let negative thoughts or flashbacks of the incident take over, either. Remind yourself of your safe driving habits, take your time, and think positively.  

Unfamiliar Places 

Feeling uneasy when in an unfamiliar location is natural, especially if you’re driving and navigating unknown roads. There are plenty of tips for driving through a new city to help calm your nerves. Most importantly, research your route ahead of time and leave early for some extra peace of mind.  

In some instances, it may be helpful to venture to new locations with a friend. Ask a close friend or family member to accompany you on the ride. This way, you have a passenger to help navigate and keep you in good spirits.  

Driving on Busy Roads  

Congested roads can seem unpredictable and dangerous to a cautious driver. You never know what another car on the road will do; fast speeds may make you feel like you have less control over your safety.  

While we can’t control how other drivers react on the road, we can control our own decisions. Instead of focusing on what others around you might do, stay focused on the road ahead and what you need to do. Otherwise, you may end up being the distracted one putting yourself in danger.  

There are plenty of other reasons you might experience driving anxiety on the road. The best practice to handle these feelings is to follow the road rules and think positively. 

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