The Curse of Being a Creative Person

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Creative Person

Being a creative person can sometimes come with downfalls. First you have so many ideas running around in your head that you can’t possibly do all that you want and still have time actually to enjoy your life or for that matter not be a zombie. Another downfall is that there are so many handy dandy gadgets out there that a person can go broke just trying to obtain all of them.

If you are a creative person, then you know that this struggle is real? It is an everyday struggle. Think about it, you start a project only to find out that your children have used all the materials that you needed and forgot to tell you. Yep, those kids of mine, forget to tell me a lot that they have used up all of my stuff.

But back to the gadgets, I am still admiring and dreaming of one day owning my own Cricut® machine. And now that they have a new program called Access™, I want one even more. Access™ is a subscription service that helps Cricut® owners get the most from their machines. The subscriptions start at $7.99 a month. With this members get exclusive benefits like 10% off all on orders at and in Cricut Design Space™. Members will also be first to see new projects, images, and designs. Now that is one way to get those creative juices flowing.

If I didn’t want a Cricut® machine before, I would want one now. Imagine all those projects you can do and all the many blog posts it would inspire using this. Plus I love the flexibility of being able to work on any device in my house and not be chained to a machine. Oh yea, did I mention how that you can be on your iPad in your bedroom with the machine in the living room and still be able to use it. How cool is that?

So don’t wait  Sign up for Cricut Access™ and get 10% off all orders on and in Cricut Design Space™.

Now tell me, have you experienced this curse? What is one gadget you would love to have if you could afford it?

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