Reviving The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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letter writing

I have a confession to make; I actually enjoy getting mail. There is something about going to the mailbox and seeing a letter that is all for me. As a blogger, and I think that all bloggers will agree, I love to see what surprises are waiting in the mailbox. On any given day it can be a product to review, a book ( which I am so far behind right now in my reading that I sincerely apologize for those that I owe a review too), my subscription boxes ( yes I am a subscription box addict) or a handwritten letter.

letter writing

I remember one day last year, around this time I went to the mailbox to find a handmade valentine from one of my dear friends. You see she knew I was having a rough time with my dad passing last year, so she made something special.

Isn’t great to feel loved? Why is it that we seem to forget the lost art of letter writing. It seems that social media and emails have taken the place of the personal touch. So I have made it one of my missions this year to write cards and letters to those that I cherish. It is part of my being devoted this year. Remember that is my word for this year. Sure there are friends that I see in person, but imagine their surprise when they get that little pickup me up in the mail.

I have scoured dollar stores, stationary departments and well as shopping online at Tiny Prints. Oh, by the way, today is that last day of their President’s Day sale. They are offering up to 30% off of everything. Just use the PRESDAY30 when you order.  Did you know that their blog is an awesome resource for tips and inspiration to help you celebrate any and all occasions.

Please join me in this challenge of reviving the lost art of letter writing.

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