The Carolina Renaissance Festival An Event to Remember

Today, I am pleased to have Dana reviewing the Carolina Renaissance Festival. She was kind enough to agree to be my roving reporter at the festival as we were unable to attend. 


For 22 years the Carolina Renaissance Festival has been held within just a few miles of my front door, here is the shocker, I had never attended not one time. As I sit here writing this, I am kicking myself for not going all those years. It was a blast, a total blast. Let me just say that I do not understand the costumes and some of the things that go on at the show but, even with that being said it was still very cool. I took my best friend Missy and our 5 kids ranging from ages 10 to 16. I wanted to get a kids perspective on the festival. At the end of a wonderful day, we all loved the Carolina Renaissance Festival and think this may become a yearly trip. People dress up in costumes and it is really a sight to see. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring a costume with you, they rent them at the front gate. We passed on the costume renting but, will keep that option open in the future.


A beautiful fairy


Queen & King


The stilt walker was part of a show called Barely Balanced(top right) Random girls sitting under a true singing songs(bottom right) This was an entire family that dressed up. The costumes were very detailed(left)


Lots of little girls came dressed up as a fairy or a princess.



Barely Balanced acrobatic show was the best show that we saw all day. These 2 guys and a girl team have some real skill and they were very entertaining. This show was full of juggling, comedy and danger.




If you want to know more about Barely Balanced and see the new children’s book they have written you can go check out their website here.


The jousting is a show that you have to see while at the festival.



Jouster suited up for battle


The King & Queen are seated high above
 the arena



Washing Well Wenches is a comedy show were you may get a little wet but, laugh so hard it doesn’t matter.



We rode a Camel around for a little while, not the most comfortable mode of travel but, an experience.


The Artisan Market was really nice little shops full crystal balls, pottery, candles and anything that a person may need at a Renaissance Festival.



Beautiful face jug


Hair braiding shop


When you come to the festival, come hungry and have a turkey leg.



My son loved up on a turkey leg and he said it was yummy!



This is my daughter Ella enjoying the petting zoo. They have sheep, goats and other farm animals
Our first time at the Carolina Renaissance Festival & Artisan market was a really fun time. Here are a few tips that I learned real fast,
  • Take a map when you come thru the front gate, not for finding your way around but, for checking show ratings some show have some serious adult content and are not meant for children.Learned that one the hard way.
  • If you are easily offended this may not be the place for you because at any moment,  you could become part of the show or approached by a random actor. I am not offended easily, so I had fun role playing with them.
  • If you are looking for the restrooms they are called “Privies”
Have fun and relax, just stroll and take it all in. Seeing the shows and the costumes was really a step back into the Renaissance time and we enjoyed our short visit.
Dana is the owner of Queen of my Castle 3, a lifestyle blog. She enjoys cooking, travel and DIY projects. When she is not blogging she spends time with her family & friends at her home in Mooresville, NC

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