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fashion model blogWhat to wear, what not to wear, what’s hot and what’s not are all questions that surround fashion. Well did you know that there are blogs that deal with the issues of fashion? I admit I am not a fashionata by far, I tend to find something I like and I hold on tight. But every now and then I like to try something new and that is where fashion blogs come in. I have a few friends who blog about fashion. They have the fashion sense I do not but reading their blogs helps me to become fashionably adequate. In other words a fashion do instead of a fashion don’t.  Think about all those magazine articles you read where the model has a big X over her clothes. I hate to admit this but sometimes that is exactly how I feel like I am walking around with a big in front of me. But that is when I turn to those who know fashion best. These blogs give great advice and tips how to become more fashionable.  Now granted there are some fashions that I would not dare to wear but there are some that I absolutely love. My absolute love like I have said before are my black boots. They go up to my knees and they are worn just about every day during the winter fashion season. What is your one fashion accessory that you cannot live without? What is your fashion dos and fashion don’ts? Share inquiring minds want to know.

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