How to Get Healthy in the New Year

healthy in new yearResolution time!! How many of your resolutions have to deal with getting in shape or being healthier? I know that was and is always my main focus for resolutions. But sadly they often seem to be broken or forgotten by the first month. So this year I am doing it a little bit different. I am going to work small and achieve big. What I mean by this is that I am going to find little things that I can do to get healthier by making small changes; there is a better chance of succeeding in my goal. Statistics show that most New Year’s Resolutions are not kept because people strive for a major change in their lives and when they cannot accomplish that change they become discouraged and give up on their goals. So here is my plan to get healthy in the new year. The first thing is to cut down on the amount of Mt. Dews I consume. Anybody that knows me knows that this is my drink of choice. Cutting back to 2 a day is a big step for me but one that I am willing to make. Having alternative drinks like tea and flavored water on hand will help me to accomplish this goal. Next is to try and incorporate one fresh fruit or vegetable in meal once a week. This one will not be hard because we are fruit and veggie eaters. There are many ways that one can succeed in making their lives healthier you just have to start small and look at the big picture down the road. What ways are you getting healthier this year?

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  1. My resolution is to get more active. I also have to cut back on my soda, for me it’s diet pepsi.

  2. start small is a good idea so as not to get overwhelmed and just quit trying. Could shed a few pounds myself!

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