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AFM Vacation apps

Do you love you apps as much as I do? Nothing excites me more than to find new apps that I consider cool and fun. Apps are supposed to make your life fun and easy. Here are three apps for you to use when taking your vacation. Here are my top three.

  • Hotels by Orbitz- {Free for iPad, iPhone, and Android} Will help you to book your stay. It is an easy way to compare the ratings and price of hotels where you are travelling to. It also shows you whether or not a room is available if you don’t book ahead. How cool is that?
  • Disney’s Story App- {Free for iPad, iPhone and Android} This will help you to share your photos fast. It helps you to quickly create albums and videos that you can post to story.us so your family and friends can share in your vacation as well.
  • The Krowds App- {Free For iPad, iPhone, and Android} This app lets you view videos that others around you have taken. So you can find out if you are making a guest appearance in someone else’s video.

What apps do you use when you are planning your vacation? Let me know what your favorite app is.

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