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One of the things that I have been looking for lately is a laptop. I have a little net book when I started blogging and last year I was able to purchase a new desktop. This year I have been hunting and researching sales for laptops since the school year has started I find that I have been called to work more and more this year. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining but the my desktop is located in the living room and trying to write a post when so many other things are going on at night has become near to impossible. So I decided that since my blog has grown in this last year that I could justify buying myself a laptop. I search around town and on the internet looking for a deal. And guess what I found one. It is amazing that things can be a lot cheaper if you buy them online rather than in the store. I found a computer at Walmart that I liked that in store cost around $600 without taxes. I came home and looked it up online and found this bundle.


Basically it is called the Tax Time Laptop Bundle with Your Choice Laptop, Case, Flash Drive & Printer. This is what comes in the bundle Laptop, Case, USB Flash Drive and Printer. Upgrade to different models, colors, styles and sizes depending on what you’re looking for (price may adjust based on product selection).
•Pick your laptop from the long list above with top brands like HP, Sony, Dell, Acer, Toshiba and others
•Pick your carrying case from different styles, colors and brand.
•Pick your USB flash drive from different sizes, colors and brands
•Pick your printer from different functions, speed or even upgrade to wireless.

Bundles start at $381.00 but I was able to get the same computer I wanted in the store along with a wireless printer, flash drive and carrying case for around the same price I would have paid for the computer at the store without the taxes added in. Now that is a good deal. Interested in this deal check out at Walmart. This is an awesome deal. I can’t wait for it to come in.

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