Technology Free Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained

For most of us, technology has taken over our lives so much that we don’t even realize it. Kids the age of four now have iPads and with endless TV channels available, tech is taking over their world too. What happened to a good old game of hopscotch, or a round of hide and seek? If you’re stuck on new and fun ideas then check out these educational and technology free ways to keep your kids entertained.

Kids Entertained
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For Rainy Days

Rainy days in don’t have to be boring for kids. There are so many things you can do, such as buy a wooden jigsaw puzzle and help keep their minds stimulated. They can enjoy hours of fun trying to fit all the pieces together, and it’s a great way to introduce teamwork if there’s more than one child. Another way to keep them entertained for hours is by playing good old fashioned board and card games. A particularly good card game for kids is Pairs, as it helps to strengthen their memory while they play. The classic game of Snakes and Ladders is also a great choice or even a quick game of Snap.

Get Creative

From paper planes to paper mache, there are so many inventive ways to get creative with your kids. The best way to keep them engaged is to bring out their personalities. If your child has always found art fun, then set a painting challenge and tell them you’ll frame it for them. This will inspire your kid to get fully involved in the activity while learning about their strong points. Teach them clever pen and paper games like origami and noughts and crosses. If it’s a holiday season, get them to help you with making decorations, bake cookies or designing Christmas cards.

Put on a Performance

A great way to entertain kids without the use of a TV or tablet is to put the spotlight on them. Maybe they could reenact their favorite children’s book or film. Kids love getting dressed up or improvising by making their own costumes. Before they even get on stage, they’ll have hours of fun making props with toys and even including their household pets.

Kids Entertained Read To Them
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Read to Them

Every child loves a good story time. It doesn’t have to be before you tuck them into bed, in fact, it’s better if it’s not, as you’ll have their full attention. Reading is one of the most important aspects of educating a child and fuelling their imagination. Telling a story out loud means you can try different voices, hand gestures and really get into character. Kids love visuals too. Reading to your child at least once a week is cost effective and hugely beneficial. There’s nothing bad about being a bookworm!

Build a Family Scrapbook

Not only is a family scrapbook a priceless treasure, but it’s also a great way to teach kids the value of a loving home. You can really get creative by including family photos, magazine scraps, and handwritten notes and letters. Get them to decorate each page in their own unique way. A bit of glue and glitter works wonders when you’re a child! When they’re older they can look back on this project and remember the good times.

Get Them Exploring

Gardens are a great place for kids adventures. Get them to play explorer and note down the different birds and animals they see. It’s a great way to learn about the different types of wildlife while keeping them active. A climbing frame and sandpit is a great investment for an active child. Let their imaginations run wild. They’ll love to pretend they’re mini explorers digging for hidden treasure. Spring and summer is the perfect time to get kids interested in gardening. Introduce them to all the different flowers and vegetables by teaching them the names. Reserve a little patch of soil for them to get experimenting.

Kids Entertained Plan a Day Trip
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Plan a Day Trip

Children love to visit exciting new places. Outings to the zoo, farm, safari park or aquarium are great ways for your kids to get familiar with different animals and marine life. Even a trip to the petting zoo for a more interactive experience. Most of the time with museums and galleries, kids can get in for free. Even in the city, there’s plenty of local city farms too. Or why not take them to a science or history museum. They can learn about the dinosaurs and how technology really works. Or book them into a special kids tour where they can take part in educational activities.

Coloring and Activity Books

Activity books are always handy to have around. They’re simple, cost effective and are something that both adults and children can enjoy. Get the crayons out and set aside an afternoon of coloring, or connecting the dots together.  There’s nothing like a bit of old-fashioned fun, and it’s the perfect thing for a rainy day. A themed coloring book from their favorite film like Frozen, for example, is the perfect way to keep a peaceful, quiet household.

Go Bowling

Bowling is an activity the whole family can enjoy. For little kids, they can practice their technique with the barriers up, and it prevents them from getting frustrated and bored. Help them to find the right weight of the ball and spend an hour or two showing them how it’s done. Bowling alleys are also great places to hold a kids party. Book a lane and party room, bring some finger food and let the fun begin! It’s also great for a bit of friendly competition.

As you can see, there are so many ways a child can enjoy themselves without turning on the TV, surfing the net, or playing video games. The more activities they get involved in, the easier it is for them to grow as people and discover their interests and talents. It’s good to keep their forms of entertainment varied, so your kids are continuously learning.

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