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Are you like me do you have a problem with bladder control? I know that since I had my girls I have to go whenever I laugh sneeze or heck even walk fast. I remember one episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when Shannon was working out and she had to run. she stated don’t make me run,  I pee when I run. she said this was because when she was carrying a baby her bladder got out of shape.  I thought to myself girl I can sympathize with you. so back to bladder control,  now that I’m working at a very physical job at Odom Farming,  I need to be in the best shape possible,  physically mentally and emotionally.  I don’t have time to go running back and forth to the bathroom. I also need to strengthen my muscles as well.  why am I talking about this right now well because I’ve teamed up with AZO   to bring you an awesome giveaway.  one of my lucky friends ( I consider all my readers my friends.)  will win a box of the new AZO  bladder control and weight management as well as $100 gift card to Target. not sure what azo is all about,  well well read on.

It is a safe drug-free product specifically formulated to promote healthy weight control in order to ease wait on the bladder and help maintain the bladder strength and control.

As if women didn’t have enough to deal with 1 in 3 of us suffer from bladder urgency problems luckily one way to help curb these symptoms is proper weight management. Make sense right less weight pressing on your bladder equals fewer I’ve got to go moments. That’s where Azo helps.  It is safe and drug-free.

To inspire women like me and you to take control this summer,  AZO would like to treat you my lucky friends to a new workout Wardrobe from Target as well as a box of AZO Bladder Control and Weight Management. Grab this coupon for $5 off AZO Bladder Control® & Weight Management, in a freestanding insert in newspapers Sunday, June 4, 2017. And while you are at it used to rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway for one box of Azo bladder control and weight management and $100 Target gift card.  What are you waiting for? Enter now!

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  1. Not really the got to go moments but the my body is all kinds of flabby after two kids (both c-sections)

  2. I haven’t had any gotta go problems yet. I think because I had my kids so young, maybe. I have had to use the Azo urinary pain relief several times, though.

  3. Having a baby did increase my to go to moments of having to use the bathroom a lot!

  4. Yes, many years ago it definitely increased my having to go moments, along with old age now!

  5. Ever since I had my 4th child, I can’t make it through the night without going to the bathroom.

  6. Ever since I had my 4th child, I get up repeatedly at night to use the bathroom. It wreaks havoc on my sleep.

  7. Yes, I had never experienced so many “gotta go moments” than when I was pregnant!

  8. I have not had a baby but my sister in law just had one and she had to go more frequently. I used to suffer from a lot of UTIs and ended up having surgery, so I can relate to the feeling.

  9. yes o yes yes yes o heavens yes i have to cross my legs every time i sneeze its so bad its so so embarasing like it is

  10. My wife had issues while pregnant, but once she has the kids, she is back to normal.

  11. While pregnant my gotta go moments definitely increased. Thankfully I’m about back to normal now that I’m not pregnant except for when my two year old bounces right on my bladder!

  12. Having two kids has increased my gotta go moments so much! Now I feel like I probably go 4-5x an hour!

  13. My gotta go moments happened more during the pregnancy – the last couple of months.
    thank you

  14. Having a baby gave me some minor bladder issues.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  15. Yes, having a child sure did. I still have to go all the time and my husband is always like, already or you gotta go again!

  16. Yes I did notice after pregnancy and delivery that I certainly had a greater frequency and urge to use the ladies room.

  17. Having a baby did not increase my gotta go moments. I’m very thankful for that.

  18. No, having a baby didn’t change anything in that department. I guess cause both kids were C-sections.

  19. mmm….I’ve had 4 babies and let’s say laughing, coughing, sneezing, has now given me the power to wet my pants at any moment.its like a super power I have I can just do it at any moment. I refuse to do any of the following in public because last time was waaaaaaay too embarrassing lol Thar! She blows!

  20. I have never had children, but as I have gotten older and my increasing health challenges have increased my bladder issues!

  21. i havent had a baby but made me more nervous so i had to go to the restroom more

  22. AZO has always been such a wonderful brand. Yes, I would definitely say it totally does after having babies!

  23. I don’t have kids but I drink a lot of water, so I’m in the bathroom a lot.

  24. i dont think having a baby changed much but i might have random moments if i laugh too hard :p

  25. Having a baby did increase my gotta go moments. Getting older hasnt helped either!

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